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Flex your writing muscles and test your super colossal vocabulary powers with WordGirl!

In this clip we learn the favorite words of two kids. Their favorite words say a lot about what they like and who they are! Steven's favorite word is animal because he has 17 pets! Kirilee’s favorite word is teacher because she has lots of teachers and they do a lot for her. What does your favorite word say about you!

Writing Challenge!
Write a paragraph about your favorite word and why it is your favorite word.

Some things to think about before you begin:
What is it about your favorite word that makes it special? Do you like the way it sounds or looks? Does it have something to do with a favorite activity or hobby? What does your favorite word say about who you are and what you like!

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Educational Standards
  • W:EW:1-4:2.5: Writing about observations and experiences
  • W:EW:3:2.1: Using details
  • W:EW:4:2.1: Using relevant and descriptive details
  • W:HW:3-5:2.2: Sharing thoughts, observations, or impressions
8/15/2017 2:24:28 AM
Abigail, 8 from Malaysia
I had an awesome lunch today. It was macaroni and cheese. My favorite! The cheese sauce was awesome. Very creamy and gooey. My mom is an awesome cook. She always make awesome meals.

4/24/2017 10:33:36 AM
Andrew, 16 from Texas
my favorite word is steel

1/4/2017 5:33:04 PM
wade, 9 from sorrento
Bubbles because I like the way bubbles look.They look like a disco ball.The bubble feels like a polished granite counter because both objects are smooth.It relates to me because it represents my love for being outside.

11/21/2016 8:56:34 PM
Debbie, 12 from Malden
My favorite is pink. It is my favorite color and I look great when i wear pink. Pink mean love and love can show you care about someone or something.When I see pink I see love. I'm a nice person.

11/15/2016 6:01:29 PM
manisha, 11 from schenectady
My favorite word is music because I play the violin in an orchestra group at my school and its kind of my hobby I have always loved music every time i hear a song i sing to it and it just makes me happy when i listen to music or play music it makes all the stress i have go away and i could just be happy while playing music.

10/20/2016 12:51:45 AM
diana, 5 from mod
I like Captain Crandall.

10/4/2016 5:01:42 PM
Sahasra, 7 from Bedford
My favorite word is flowers. Because flowers are pretty and colorful and they smell good. And I have lot of them in the neighborhood.

8/26/2016 1:24:10 PM
S, 10 from Carroll
My favorite word is special. I like this word because it says positive things about people and things.

5/9/2016 11:10:13 AM
ananomays, 10 from oshawa
food because I love food and when I scream food my butler gives me food

4/25/2016 1:04:01 PM
zara, 10 from oshwa
lol because I laugh alot

4/1/2016 12:16:02 PM
Me, 3 from tenbuck2
Word is my favorite word because its a word.

3/30/2016 9:18:41 PM
Brenden, 11 from Edgeworth
Favourite is my favourite word because when I hear it, it makes me fell like I can do anything.

1/28/2016 12:40:52 PM
Cassie Wade, 10 from Lagrange G.A
My favorite word is because it is a mixture of my two favorite apps, Vine and Dub smash .

10/2/2015 10:49:39 AM
haley, 11 from lagrange ga.
my favorite word is god because its dog backwards and god is my lord and I worship him

9/27/2015 5:34:14 PM
ellie, 11 from athens
my favoutrite word is looks fantastic and t smaells delicious

9/1/2015 11:33:39 AM
my favorite word is chashmere because that's what I want to name my child when I grow up. im going to take great care and response ability. I will watch over my child and the name chashmere is what I came up with I combinded two words to geather. I combinded chash with mere. I also say chashmere, and I really adore that name.

8/28/2015 9:39:45 AM
joe, 8 from avenel
my favorite word is parent because they help me to study.they wake me up.they play with me.they do everything for me.

5/18/2015 10:51:32 AM
Beverly, 10 from Saint Paul, Minnesota
My favorite word is happy because I am a happy person. I like to laugh and smile. Helping people through a sad time is what I am practicing, and I want to help people in developing countries by donating things such as food money and clothes in order to let them live a happy life. I hate it when wars happen because people will not be happy because they sometimes lost loved ones and shelter. i wish the world would be happier.

4/27/2015 11:22:29 AM
Elizabeth, 11 from Owensboro
I love this show

3/26/2015 1:39:30 PM
abby, 11 from bristol
My favorite word is RUN. Why would my favorite word be run????? Because I like o run and because there isn't another word like RUN.

3/25/2015 10:33:40 AM
Carla, 11 from Bristol,VA.
My favorite word is swimming.I love jumping into the cold water.The smell of the air makes me happy.The life guards are also very nice.My favorite part is jumping off the diving board into the water.SPLASH!

3/25/2015 10:38:55 AM
Brianna , 11 from I was born in Kingsport, T.N.
favorite word- Jesus my favorite word is Jesus because he loves me and I love him. Also every Sunday my dad wakes me up and says " Brianna lets go time for church." Then I say " Okay, I'm getting ready to hear the word of God."

3/25/2015 10:38:41 AM
Maddie:), 11 from Bristol VA
Basketball. Basketball is my favorite word, because I love to play it. Its very fun and I'm sure you would like it too!

1/28/2015 3:54:49 PM
Azra, 9 from little canada mn
My favorite word is purple because it is my favorite color and it comes in all different shades. purple is special to me because I have liked it since I was little I like the way purple sounds because it makes a sound like a cat. On a school game I play the clothes for my avatar are purple. Purple is on everything of mine I have purple snow pants, boots, mittens, gloves, coat and a purple hat. Purple is so awesome I love and I encourage you to like it to. Now you know what my favorite word is.

1/15/2015 11:42:03 PM
sfd, 6 from 23454
Shocked. It's very shocking that I like shock.

12/17/2014 11:46:22 AM
tyler, 10 from longmont

12/12/2014 1:31:24 PM
Kaylee, 10 from Bristol
My awesome word is soccer. I like the way it looks and sounds. Plus my awesome sport is soccer. I'm about to be on the pro team. The only reason I got into soccer was because my cousin, Dawson Gross was on the soccer team. There you have it folks that's my awesome word.

12/10/2014 2:28:54 PM
Maddi, 11 from Bristol
What's my favorite word? you asked. Hmmm. My favorite word is bright! Bright can mean different things like, you are very bright.(smart)That picture is very bright! What's your favorite word?

12/5/2014 1:26:15 PM
MATTHEW, 10 from Bristol VA
There was two kids Stevens favorite word was animal because. He has seventeen pets! word girl favorite word is teacher because she has a lot of teacher and they od a lot for her. What is your favorite word think about it THE END!

12/5/2014 1:35:36 PM
Maddie, 11 from Bristol
What's my favorite word? Hmmmmm.... great question! Learn that's my favorite word. Why you asked well because I love learning new things and guess what! Everyone learns something new every single day! So do you. What did you learn today?

12/5/2014 1:38:30 PM
Corwin, 10 from Bristol
My favorite word is cat because I have been wanting a cat for a long time. Also it starts with the first letter in my name. When I was a kid we had cats but we had to get rid of them and I was kind of sad. My dad said that when our barn is done we can get a cat which made me happy. Sometimes I annoy my dad by asking if we can get the cat now.

12/5/2014 1:50:13 PM
Brianna, 11 from kingsport
My favorite word is " school" because you learn stuff at school and you need the knowledge for when you get older. When my dad says, " time for school Brianna" I say, " okay I'm awake now , thank you for telling me it's tome for school dad." He always says, " Ant time baby girl any time." I always laugh at him and say, "dad your crazy." Then I get dressed and grab my backpack and leave.

8/29/2014 5:45:48 PM
Hannah, 10 from Cozad Nebraska
My favorite word is Monkey because there one of my favorite animals and also because there favorite fruits are bananas and are my favorite foods too!

8/26/2014 4:21:22 PM
abigail, 9 from sorrento
My favorite word is love, because if you love someone then you care about them and caring just about yourself means you are probably selfish. I'm not saying you are if you care about only yourself, but most people that do care only about them self are selfish

8/4/2014 9:58:19 PM
Beth, 10 from Seattle
My favorite word is books. I love to read, so I wouldn't be able to do this without books, books, and more books!

5/30/2014 8:40:39 AM
alexandria, 9 from derry NH
my favorite word is magic I don't know why I do I just do. but I think it's because it sounds magical.

4/22/2014 3:22:46 PM
Isabelle, 7 from Dallas
My favorite word is fun.The word fun is special because it can describe lot of things. If i wanted to do something, i could say, "That sounds fun!" Or, if I like to play with something, i could say, " This toy is really fun!"

4/19/2014 11:01:28 PM
Chloe, 8 from Van Nostrand Ave
Drawing is my favorite word that makes it special I like the way my drawing sounds and how it looks it does have some thing to do with a favorite activity

3/18/2014 11:42:00 AM
Grace, 10 from Texas
My favorite word is puppy because I love puppies. Puppies look cute and are very soft. Puppies are a man and woman' best friend. Puppies can be loyal, smart and playful.

3/10/2014 3:07:32 PM
Logan , 10 from Narrows
Football is my favorite word

3/7/2014 8:48:24 PM
nilshika, 9 from pickering
My favourite word is candy because i love sweet and sour candy. i will eat any candy.

2/27/2014 11:59:38 AM
Kaylana, 14 from Wilson
My favorite word is "beautiful" because in my eyes every body is beautiful. To me you can only be beautiful with a good attitude if you have a nasty attitude your ugly so you wouldn't like to be called ugly because of your attitude so always keep it good and smart and your always going to be called beautiful.

2/26/2014 2:29:24 PM
aayauna, 12 from oklahoma
my favorite word is love because people have their own definition of this word and it has a strong meaning and a strong feeling

2/26/2014 10:57:46 AM
grace, 11 from austin
my favorite word is flabergasted because is is really fun to say and i like making songs only using the word flabergasted

2/26/2014 10:49:14 AM
greyson, 84 from texas
my favorite word is mason as a name

2/25/2014 8:05:39 PM
Riely, 8 from Erie
my fave word is Fashion!

2/25/2014 2:20:21 PM
jylasia, 11 from monticello ny
My favorite word is gaboosie. It is my favorite word because I made it up and I love it because me and my friends always say it because I made it up.

2/25/2014 1:51:10 PM
Kayla, 13 from Clarksville
My favorite word is bubble. Bubble is fun and it sounds happy. I love bubbles too because they are pretty and colorful in the sun.

2/23/2014 8:58:08 AM
Makaila, 13 from Miami
My favorite word is parents because I love my parents because they do a lot of things for me like hug me, buy me stuff etc.

2/21/2014 6:14:52 PM
anthony, 9 from fghjklsfghj
my favorite word is...BIRD!I like bird because of the song...WORD OF THE BIRD!have you ever heard of it? it goes like this WORD of the bird

2/21/2014 5:15:53 PM
Glynna, 14 from Austin
I like the words clavicle and levitate, as in Ted broke his clavicle while trying to levitate to the bottom of the stairs! Ha Ha!

2/20/2014 11:01:44 AM
Lamerous, 11 from warren
My favorite word is beautiful. That is my favorite word because it remind me of myself. Which I think I'm beautiful in my heart it's a word that describes me.

2/19/2014 4:11:12 PM
Jeremy, 13 from camden
dragon because is a huge monster from China they celebrate Chinese new years they make a dragon costumes every Chinese new years.

2/18/2014 2:04:58 PM
leslie, 8 from whitehall pa
my favorite word is family because family is a part of your heart i love because i love my family and when someone does not have a family it makes me sad so i let them stay with my family and i for little while and i give them money but the kids and old people that do not have a family they can stay with me cause i fell bad for them.That's my favorite word

2/18/2014 12:20:54 AM
Mary, 22 from Rolla Mo
My favorite word is happy! I like happy because it is a word of meaning. To be happy you have to make yourself have the ability to be happy. Happy is a stream of energy, or a jump of excitement. The word happy makes your life so much easier, and worth your time. To say happy is to be happy without the word happy there would be no point of existence. Happy is what makes the world go round.! Happy!

2/17/2014 6:24:14 PM
natalie, 11 from gerogia
"TINY!"Is my faviort word?Im so tiny like my dog.

2/17/2014 10:39:08 AM
Armoniee, 18 from Excelsior Springs, MO
My favorite word is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis its my favorite wrod because its the longest word in the english language. Another reason its my favorite word is because of its definition. The word is and means a special and rare liver disease that is very deadly. It took me three tries spell this word in my reading class. I love the word I say it all the time it makes me happy even though the meaning is harsh. These are some of the many reasons its my favorite word.

2/16/2014 5:23:04 PM
Tewanda, 12 from detroit
my favorite word is prestidigitation because its very long and it has a lot of letters

2/15/2014 1:07:15 PM
ashleigh, 10 from ss
I love to type and play school but I can never find a video for it so I was kinda hoping if u now any than I can gite on. I'm typing right now and I love it and this is me make your mark on the world

2/15/2014 12:34:15 PM
rose, 16 from miami
my favorite word is ahah because it describe the type of way i felt when somebody is mocking me and also the tone of how i feel.

2/15/2014 10:36:42 AM
Tyler , 12 from St. Catharines
My favorite word is "Book" because it is the first word I ever learned and I love to read books!

2/15/2014 9:09:27 AM
jada, 9 from wilkes barre pa
my favorite word is faith. because i believe that there is faith in everything and everyone. nothing would be more special to have faith in yourself , in others and in what you believe in. that's why my favorite word is faith.

2/13/2014 2:15:21 PM
loroloro, 67 from jamica
my favorite word Is ya'man

2/13/2014 2:14:14 PM
mianie, 7 from mexico
my favorite word is red

2/12/2014 12:09:18 PM
Aspen, 14 from Chesapeake
Everyone seems to wonder about favorite numbers, letters, colors, and even animals. No one ever thinks about their favorite word. If I had to choose, my favorite word would be sacapuntas. It means pencil sharpener in spanish!

2/11/2014 8:53:25 AM
nikeriah, kimoree, angelica and gaige, 10 from ocala
I have a few favorite words. They begin by thinking of art.I like to design dresses in animal prints. My two favorites are snake skin and cheetah patterns. I like my dresses short with no sleeves. I need to find someone to sew my dresses after I design them.

2/9/2014 2:12:24 PM
cali, 10 from marrero
my favriote word is happy because it describes me i am always happy it is always happening 24/7 that is why i like the word happy!!!

2/8/2014 2:18:23 PM
Keanna, 9 from Wembley, Alberta
My favorite word is animals. I like the word animals because we have 2 dogs and 1 cat.My 2 dogs names are Buddy and Babber and my 1 cats name is Willies

2/7/2014 2:47:25 PM
larry, 20 from ohio
My favorite word is Happy. The reason why I chose the word Happy is because that is how I like to feel at all times. I feel that when I am happy it changes my feelings, the way I am towards others, and how it interferes with my life. Everyone deserves to be Happy and without Happiness there is no us.

2/7/2014 11:13:08 AM
adaileryn, 10 from st luice
my favorite word is fantastic because I can say it when ever I want I can say it in the house

2/6/2014 11:35:46 AM
victor , 10 from florida
My favorite word is erosion. It is my favorite word because it means when rocks get carried away by the wind. I like the way it looks. It does not have to do with hobbies.

2/6/2014 11:13:53 AM
Estefany, 9 from FT.pirce
My favorite word is play. That is my favorite word is play because I love playing. My favorite game I like to play is hopscotch. When you play hopscotch you need to get chalk to draw. When you get the chalk draw ten boxes with numbers in them. When you finish drawing that get a small rock or pebble. And throw the rock into a number. Then hop to the number. That is why I like the word play.

2/5/2014 11:19:49 AM
christian, 6 from indian river state
My favorite word is awesome because I see a lot of awesome things

2/5/2014 11:11:20 AM
zaiyanna, 10 from fl
My favorite word is cute I like it because it rolls out your mouth

2/4/2014 2:07:19 PM
alejandro , 9 from fort pierce florida
my favorite is animal. it is my favorite word because it sounds really cool and you can talk about all the animals in the whole wide world.

2/4/2014 2:07:05 PM
juliana, 9 from Florida
My favorite word is shandaler because I have lived around them all my life

2/4/2014 11:08:42 AM
Maria, 10 from tanglewood
My favorite word is nature. Nature is my favorite word because I like to go outside and see all the plants and animals. Nature means plants trees and animals like insects. I'll name two insects: Butterfly, and ladybug. They are both from nature and there are many more insects too. So my favorite word is nature because of the plants and animal and sometimes I fell free.

2/4/2014 11:30:30 AM
juliana, 9 from Florida
My favorite word is chcandalre because I have livd around them all my life

2/4/2014 11:06:37 AM
anette, 9 from tanglewood
My favorite word is animal it is fun to say like it has two things that I like is a monkey and a cat .I have two cats .they have long nails there are sharp.

2/4/2014 11:11:03 AM
janayjah, 10 from cortez village
spectacular because it sound incredible sound like you can express your self

2/3/2014 3:34:47 PM
taylor, 10 from kiel wi
my favorite word is puppy be cause puppy's are really cute

2/2/2014 5:51:53 PM
Michelle, 9 from tanglewood
my word is that a word that you like

2/2/2014 4:54:16 PM
Anette, 9 from tanglewood
My favorite word is hug because I like to hug my friends and my mom and dad ,but I like to hug my friends of in other towns .

2/2/2014 2:35:45 PM
rayisa, 9 from pei
my faverite word is cuddle because i like to cuddle with mommy and daddy

2/1/2014 2:37:58 PM
Davaysia, 8 from tacoma
Dear.Mrs.Miedl I have a lot cool stuff and you are so fun I miss you to much I love school too. syicrley.davaysia

2/1/2014 1:47:04 PM
paige, 8 from hampton
My favourite word is because I like the word because I like saying because.

1/31/2014 11:04:06 AM
Taylor, 8 from Christiansburg,VA
I love the word LOVE because I love my horse,my dogs and my family

1/30/2014 2:44:32 PM
Denica, 10 from VA
My favorite word is sweety,because I like how it sounds.I use it alot at home,because it gets on my brothers,and my mom's nervus. It also sometimes i use it in a funny way to get people to laugh if their having a bad day.

1/30/2014 2:39:11 PM
Dalton , 11 from Bristol,va
My favorite word is sports.I like that word for two reasons.One is that I like to play sports.The second reason I like the word sport is the way it sounds.It sounds unusual when you say it.That is my favorite word!

1/30/2014 2:36:29 PM
Brandon, 12 from BristolVirginia
My favorite word is fluffy because when i like touch a bunny it is so fluffy

1/30/2014 2:31:08 PM
Jenise, 11 from Bristol
My favorite word is cat. my favorite word is cat because I used 3 cats ,but they ran away.

1/30/2014 11:10:48 AM
nick, 10 from fortperce
my favorite word is candey.

1/29/2014 6:56:08 PM
My favorite word is superhero because it is ...AWESOME!

1/29/2014 11:11:17 AM
trgtr, tr from rrt
my favorite word is pretty like I will give you a example pretty ilove stuff that is

1/28/2014 1:13:26 PM
Sammy, 10 from Gilbert
My favorite word is cute because it means that something is adorable and I love that kind of thing.I also like it because it is easy to say and remember,it also has my second favorite letter in it, C.

1/28/2014 11:44:03 AM
Carolyn, 9 from Port St. Lusie
My favorite word is cuddling because you get to cuddl with your family and sleep.

1/28/2014 11:37:55 AM

1/28/2014 11:24:33 AM
osterulio, 10 from 33str
my favorite world is wresting because when ever I say it always say it weird.

1/28/2014 11:19:55 AM
dajia, 10 from FT.PIERCE
My favorite word is fantastic that's my favorite because that means your great and your on topic that's why I love that word and also I love that word because it mean A good thing

1/28/2014 11:24:57 AM

1/28/2014 11:22:45 AM
antwan, 9 from fort perice
my faviorte word is ambush

1/28/2014 11:14:42 AM
anthony, 9 from florida
my most favorite word is mars. its also the name of my favorite planet too.

1/28/2014 11:14:34 AM
farah, 9 from weatherbee
my favorite word is technique because its fun to say and because it is my favorite thing to do.

1/28/2014 11:14:16 AM
meiza, 10 from g
my favorite word is love its my favorite because I could say like I love my 2 best friends its is really my favorite words I could give you an information like I love my dog ,I love to dance love love love I like the words love

1/25/2014 8:21:37 PM
Billy, 8 from Homeworn
My favorite word is plastic.

1/25/2014 1:52:46 PM
Samuel, 7 from Springfeild Gardens
My favorite word is family I like that word because I get to spend time with them and laugh so family is my favorite itis nice to have a family.

1/25/2014 12:30:00 PM
name, 9 from hometown
my favorite word is green because it is my favorite color and its a cool color..

1/24/2014 10:06:07 AM
madalin, 10 from wilmington
hi, my name is Madalin and my nick name is maddie. i'm 10 years old and love soccer, i do reak and travel. in soccer i'm the Master at soring traval i scored 5 goals in one qurter. Than did it agen and agen in every qurter. thanks for your time sincerly madalin

1/23/2014 10:26:42 PM
Rose, 50 from Canton,Ms.
My favorite word is Love..I just love to be loved and in love.For God so loved his only son.I love God,children,elderly and animals.My I love my family,friends and neighbors.This is one word everyone should love.How is it that one can live a daily life without having some love for something.

1/22/2014 2:11:16 PM
ilasa, 13 from samoa
I will like to have a challenge here with the teachers

1/21/2014 10:12:30 AM
lalli, 28 from algiers
the first favorite word that comes up in my mind is freedom.i choose this word because when i say it the first image that comes to my mind is many opened doors with a white bright light coming from those doors.

1/21/2014 7:25:53 AM
karmyn, 8 from Lexington
my favorite word is kind because i'm kind of nice

1/18/2014 6:09:22 PM
lola, 9 from Sandigo
my favorite word is play because I like to play a lot that's my favorite word........

1/18/2014 4:17:03 PM
jason, 14 from lakeland
My favorite word is myriad. The reason that I like myriad so much, is because it means a bunch. I have a bunch of games, movies, and friends. That is why myriad is my favorite word.

1/16/2014 2:41:01 PM
Chloe, 7 from Broxbourne
Daddy because I love hlm Yes no that I iook like my daddy.

1/15/2014 3:25:17 PM
Lanora, 9 from Mcloud
My favorite word is excitement. Because i'm always excited. EXCITEMENT!

1/15/2014 3:24:14 PM
BRADEN, 10 from Mcloud

1/15/2014 3:23:26 PM
matthew, 10 from mcloud
My favorite word is favorite cause it means what you like most or don't like most.

1/15/2014 3:26:08 PM
mycah, 9 from Mcloud
my favorite word is pizza because it is good

1/15/2014 3:19:43 PM
Mrs. Meese, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable because it means to be friendly. Plus, it sounds like Amy and my name is Amy.

1/15/2014 2:32:14 PM
addyson, 9 from mcloud
my favorit word is mom becase it reminds me of my mom

1/15/2014 2:33:11 PM
Chance, 9 from McLoud
My favorite word is Thank You because it is very polite and it is good manners.

1/15/2014 2:32:11 PM
connor, 8 from mcloud
my favorite word is anxiously because you get to look for mystorous things

1/15/2014 2:32:41 PM
Eric Smith, 9 from Mcold
My favorite word is teacher.It means a person.

1/15/2014 2:37:48 PM

1/15/2014 2:32:39 PM
maddie, 8 from oklahoma
my favorite is famly

1/15/2014 2:33:06 PM
clint, 8 from McLoud
my favorite word is anxiously cause im not patient

1/15/2014 2:32:43 PM
cole, 90 from derp
my name is dr derpy

1/15/2014 2:32:03 PM
skylee , 8 from McLOUND
my favorite word is thankyou

1/15/2014 2:32:33 PM
dakota, 10 from texas
age i love my age

1/15/2014 11:55:08 AM
mahila, 8 from mclod
my favorite word is coldl becos I coldl my mom and my dog

1/15/2014 11:47:39 AM

1/15/2014 11:49:15 AM
braden, 8 from okc15
samwich man

1/15/2014 11:47:14 AM
josselyn, 7 from normen
my favrite word is chikin cause my dad made chikin one day

1/15/2014 11:46:19 AM
elijah, 8 from mcloud
my favorit word is pizza because i love pizza

1/14/2014 2:38:50 PM
hailey, 9 from mcloud
my favorit word is dozznozel i like it because it's fun to say

1/14/2014 2:42:35 PM
avery, 8 from mcolud
my fave. word is Candy . I love it a lot .

1/14/2014 2:42:35 PM
avery, 8 from mcolud
my fave. word is Candy . I love it a lot .

1/14/2014 2:42:05 PM
my favorite word is kittens. cause I LIKE KITTENS

1/14/2014 2:38:00 PM
reagan, 9 from Mcloud
cuddle because i love to cuddle with my mawmaw and my nana they are the best i love them so much

1/14/2014 2:36:59 PM

1/14/2014 2:37:58 PM
Aidan, 8 from McLoud
My Favorite Word Is Minecraft Because ITS AWESOME BRO APEACE

1/14/2014 2:37:44 PM
ashley, 8 from mcloud
my favortite is rainbow because its the color of the rainbow

1/14/2014 2:35:31 PM
cierra, 8 from okahama
my favorit is mirchent he pic weat

1/14/2014 2:34:39 PM
Mrs. Meese, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable. It means friendly and I like to be friendly and I like friendly people. Plus, my name is Amy and the word sounds like my name.

1/13/2014 5:45:10 PM
Remo, 24 from Erie
My favorite words are good job,good try becouse this words make me a nice felling and get me some positive n my life. Also, I like lesining some classic music when i do work house. enaddishion, my favorite word say about me im honest wich makes me so happy and love everyone.

1/13/2014 3:46:01 PM
madison, 10 from newall ok
this is a good show i love word girl her monkey is funcky chunky i love it can u put me in your books please thankyou i love it <3 im pretty,smart,please!!! (: im at Mcloud grade school my full name is madison rae hoepfer

1/13/2014 3:46:02 PM
Chloe, 9 from Mcloud
My favorite word is wordgirl!!!

1/13/2014 3:24:42 PM
isabella, 10 from mcloud
My favorite word is incredible because it could be a super hero like word girl and somday I want to be incredible and my name is Isabella and the word I like is incredible

1/13/2014 3:33:59 PM
braden, 9 from mcloud
games because it is my favorite thing to do.A it envolves me sitting down thats basically wye i like it.

1/13/2014 3:28:02 PM
Jasey , 10 from Mcloud
Hi.My name is Jasey Anna my favorite word is encyclopedia,because i learned how to spell it when i was 6 years old and i taught my little brother how to spell it.I also think sounds all smarty and stuff.:)sparkles

1/13/2014 3:33:29 PM
isaiah , 10 from Mcloud
My favorite is potatoe. it makes me feel good and makes me hungry for a potatoe,its funny to say like im potatoe headed

1/13/2014 3:31:18 PM
Desira Smith, 99 from Mcloud
Hi my name is Desi and my favorite word is BFTWFACM Because,me and A friend came up with it.

1/13/2014 3:28:12 PM
Kassidy, 11 from mcloud
My Favorite Word Is giggle. It is fun to say giggle. Plus, it's hard not to giggle when saying giggle.

1/13/2014 3:26:55 PM
Desira , 9 from Mcloud
Hi my Name Is Desi and my favorite word is Jasey because it is A friend of mine.

1/13/2014 3:23:13 PM
rylan, 9 from mcloud
my favorite word is awesome because it means something is really nice or cool

1/13/2014 3:24:20 PM
mmadison, 9 from nnewalla
my fav, word is chocoloco!

1/13/2014 3:24:28 PM
azlin, 9 from shawnee
my favorite word is awesome

1/13/2014 3:22:50 PM
macy, 15 from city
my favirot word is booboo

1/13/2014 3:21:23 PM
Amy, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable because it means friendly. My first name is Amy, and I like to be friendly. So Amiable is my favorite becuase it's fun to say, sounds like my name, and I like friendliness.

1/13/2014 2:52:25 PM
skylee, 10 from oklahoma
my name is skylee my favret word giving means you give presents it's nice to give thats my faveret word

1/13/2014 2:41:58 PM
Malaki, 8 from Mcloud
My favret word is invention beacus it means when you make sumthing.

1/13/2014 2:48:14 PM
daniel, 9 from harrah
my favrit word is kill becous it is epic.

1/13/2014 2:46:06 PM
reece, 9 from mcloud
my favraite word is big bacease it sounds humungise.

1/13/2014 2:40:37 PM

1/13/2014 2:43:20 PM
brayden, 9 from brsh
frandship it meens to help somwon

1/13/2014 2:42:32 PM
raina, 8 from Mcloud
My favorite word is recycle because I like the world to be clean.

1/13/2014 2:38:49 PM
Amy, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable because my name is Amy. And amiable means to be friendly, and I like to be friendly.

1/12/2014 1:57:26 PM
elani, 11 from california
my favorite word is fun because its what you and your friends and and family do.I like this word because you can discribe things in a way using that word and tell it in a meaning

1/12/2014 8:08:34 AM
imran , 18 from pakistan
my favorite word is "Courteous' i like this word because it means polite, respectful, or considerate in manner. that is why i choose this word as my favorite word

1/12/2014 8:08:34 AM
imran , 18 from pakistan
my favorite word is "Courteous' i like this word because it means polite, respectful, or considerate in manner. that is why i choose this word as my favorite word

1/11/2014 4:37:59 PM
Summer, 13 from Popcornlandia
My favorite word is ostentatious, because when I say it no one knows what it means except me. So they go and look it up, and then I laugh at them.

1/11/2014 1:08:22 PM
ERWIN , 6 from

1/11/2014 12:45:56 AM
wild, 11 from kidz2468
My favorite word is pickle because makes people laugh

1/10/2014 2:20:32 PM
ariyana, 12 from ricardo
that my best word to say whean im fillinh fbighbhwhugbnibnjkgbnkjgbkgsbs

1/10/2014 9:17:40 AM
Tara L., 17 from Farmville
My favorite word is different. This is my favorite word because everyone is different in their own way. There was nobody born perfect or ugly, everyone is different. Being different is really good because you are being yourself. I think that different describes everyone I know because me and my friends all be our self and we don't try to be someone that we are not. I love the word different because I love being different. I don't like copying anyone else because it is not fun and plus I know for a reason that I am doing what I want to do in my own way.

1/10/2014 1:25:43 AM
marsha, 19 from jamaica
Im inspired by the word jubilant because this word to me expreses the way on how I feel about life and the wondeful people I have .

1/8/2014 6:36:03 PM
Abigail, 13 from Oakland
My favorite word is peaceful. It sort of rolls out of your mouth. PEACEFUL. Also, it means to feel comfortable and at rest so that is why I like it. It sounds great, and it means a great thing. I love being peaceful. PEACEFUL.

1/8/2014 8:47:12 AM
Daniel, 9 from Havelock
I like the word mom because i like to cuddle with mom . l like the word rabbit because it makes me think of cute baby rabbits. I like the word goats because it makes me think of Jacob.

1/3/2014 1:00:19 PM
vanenzie, 8 from orlando
what is your favorite time of the year

1/1/2014 3:23:56 PM
lisbeth, 10 from mantthan
my faverty word is puppys because i love puppys.

12/31/2013 12:23:46 AM
MeChelle, 51 from College Park
My favorite word is excellent. I love saying it everyday and I love the way it makes me feel and the response that others have when I say it to them. I have said it so long in my life that I have other people who say it now and they say it makes them feel good also. It will have you feeling like you want to be excellent in so many way.

12/29/2013 1:07:20 PM
Kiranjot, 8 from new jersy,carteret
my favorite word is sister. I love my sister so I keep saying sister , sister.

12/26/2013 2:33:10 PM
Saif, 9 from
I like the word"Minecraft" because I always play it and it is fun! I always play it cause there is mods tools gold iron Dragons Zombies Animals and more.that is why it is fun to me!I will never stop playing Minecraft and will always try my best.

12/25/2013 3:27:35 PM
Claire, 9 from Orland Park
My favorite word is booms because me and my friend think that word is really funny if you say it ten times fast

12/24/2013 7:49:36 PM
Avi, 11 from Keller
My favorite word is spelling because I love spelling bees. I like to win which I do by studying hard. Spelling bees are awesome!

12/23/2013 4:15:00 PM
Akosua, 9 from New Jersey
My favorite word is food because you get to eat and that's what I like to do.

12/13/2013 5:59:21 AM
kulsoom, 18 from america
i like the alizer because this is the name of my young brother i love him so much thats why like the word alizer.

12/7/2013 10:10:01 AM
Joseph , 72 from Houston
Justification is my favorite word because it gives me the motivation and justification to continue learning the English language.

12/6/2013 2:19:45 PM
Richard, 10 from Bristol Virginia
My favorite word is Strongwell.The reason why my word is Strongwell is that my dad works there.And that it has two words strong,and well strong means tough and well as a wishingwell.Thats why I like the word Strongwell.I dont like that place.

12/6/2013 2:36:59 PM
Homer, 10 from Bristol
My favrote word is food becuse I love food. Food is my favrote subject.

12/5/2013 7:11:28 PM
Keirstie, 15 from Tooele
My favorite word is wish. Its my favorite word,because I wish I had a lot of wishes. I have so many wishes that i wish they would come true. I actually thought shooting stars wishes would come true, but they dont. Thats why I wish my wishes that I wish for would come true!

12/5/2013 3:19:42 PM
kenzie, 12 from prince albert
Crape I like the word crape because it sounds cool and crapes taste really good.I like how it sounds and the word reminds me of crapes the food so thats basically why i like them ...

12/5/2013 3:19:29 PM
hannah , 12 from saskatoon
my favorite word is specific. specific is my favorite word because i can barely say it and its a challenge for me to say it to my firends family and tearchers the end

12/5/2013 3:16:51 PM
Danika, 12 from SK,Canada
Well thinking about it I have never chose my favorite word but I think it would be shadow I dont think it is my absolute favoirite but it is a common word I use a lot. One reason I use it a lot is beacuase it is the name of my chihuahia I have had her for many years 6-7 or 8 years i'm only 12 myself so as you can read i have had her since i was very young.

12/5/2013 7:03:31 AM
eva, 42 from sunrise
In all my life, my favorite word is Jesus because he is love, he is happinnes. Jesus is my father and he always help me in everything I do. My family family and me believed in him. I like his stories, his words in every speech he did to people.

12/1/2013 4:23:05 PM
Maritza, 14 from Houston
my favorite word is joy because joy means happiness and it means allot to me because im a very joyus person

11/29/2013 4:52:07 PM
Eloisa, 34 from Denver
china is my favorite word because it reminds me of my little girl and I think she is beautiful.

11/29/2013 4:20:55 PM
Gloria, 12 from denver
my favorite word is cute because it can mean that I'm cute or a boy is.

11/29/2013 3:18:19 PM
katey , 12 from vince FL
the girl rigghts to the left of the paper ?

11/27/2013 4:35:17 PM
donna, 10 from nyc
My Favorite Word by Donna my favorite word just so happens to be "favorite". I like the way it sound's and I also like that its one of those words that almost everyone can pronounce.But one of my "favorite" things about the word is, its simple, it only means one thing like, most liked, or very fond of. see these are diffrent words but they all mean one thing "favorite"

11/27/2013 12:28:32 PM
Natalya, 11 from Ozark, Missouri
My favorite word is Music. My reason is I play violin, sing, am teaching myself piano, and I love to listen to music. My mom used to play viola. My dad is teaching himself the harmonica and saxophone. My sister plays the guitar bot acoustic and electric. My Grandma plays the banjo. My grandpa plays the guitar. My pawpaw plays the guitar. My grammy used to play the piano and viola. And my granny played the viola. So as you can see my family is and was a very musical family.

11/18/2013 9:53:13 AM
Sarah, 10 from newcastle
Belive Because everyone should belive in themself.And belive that you can DO IT! and everyone can do what makes them happy .

11/15/2013 4:00:48 PM
Arisa, 9 from canada
my favourite word is bff because it is like a secret word to me

11/14/2013 7:16:04 AM
karmyn, 7 from lexington
my favorite is mine becouse like mine toy.

11/11/2013 11:18:25 AM
Carol, 50 from Rogers
My favorite word is sleep. Sleep is my favorite word becuase I love to sleep. I love to sleep in on the weekend becuase I have to get up early Monday through Friday and go, go, go all day long.

11/10/2013 1:51:32 PM
chloee, 11 from mcloud ok,
my favorite word is crazy. because I like to be crazy when I am with my friends, I like to be crazy when I am by my self and I like to be crazy with my mom my dad my brothers. and most of the time I am crazy with my grandma and grandpa on the farm. the way I am crazy I by singing and going to play with the donkeys. and cows but most of the time Im with the horses.

11/9/2013 5:55:02 PM
Ruby, 10 from Boulder City
I love the word dance because I dance 16 hrs. and 45 min.I really like the word dance because it sounds so cool!! I LOVE dancing!

11/5/2013 4:21:01 PM
Blaine, 10 from Shawnee
My favorite word is naturally. I like that word because is based on a song I like. It has something to do with me liking music. My favorite word says I have a love for music.

11/3/2013 9:49:44 PM
bella, 7 from olympia
my name is bella

11/3/2013 2:01:12 PM
chloee, 11 from mcloud ok.
Hey guys my favorite word is school. Because when I go to school I see all of my friends. like Gabby Thomas is my best friend in the whole wide world. like when we go to recess we hang out a lot. We do everything together. And I hope that that will never change. well that's is why my favorite word id school.

11/3/2013 1:54:36 PM
chloee, 11 from mcloud ok.
Hey my favorite word is challenge. challenge is my favorite word because I love challenges. like all the time I challenge my brothers in like football all the time. and most of the time I challenge my brothers in basketball to. Because my oldest brother thinks he is so good. witch he's ok butt not great.

11/3/2013 1:45:34 PM
chloee, 11 from mcloud ok.
Hey guys my favorite word is fluffy. I love fluffy things because when I was little my mom bought me a real fluffy girl which was strawberry shortcake. which her name now is shorty cake. And to this day I still have her.

11/3/2013 1:33:03 PM
chloee, 11 from mcloud ok.
Hi my name is chloee. my favorite word is love. I love my family so much. I love my mother. I love my father. I love my little brother. I love my older brother. I love my oldest brother. and I love my mothers mom. and my mothers step dad. and I love my fathers mother. and my dads step father.

11/3/2013 12:33:59 PM
chloee, 11 from mcloud ok.
My favorite word is family. I have the most amazing family in the world. Especially my children. My daughter is the light of my life. And is CRAZY. That's why I love her so much.

11/3/2013 11:55:50 AM
nicky, 12 from parsippany
arille likes cuddling because she likes cuddling her mom.

11/3/2013 10:01:03 AM
danica, 11 from ddmott
I love my baby

11/2/2013 12:26:26 PM
reggie, 13 from atlanta
My favorite word is nice. the reason i picked this word because it reminds me of how good that i am treated.this word tells me that i am a nice person.also it is so special to me because every time i hear that word it makes me so happy.when i play basket ball the coach said nice shot. the word nice means a whole lot to me because it refers to being good and caring.

11/1/2013 1:56:41 PM
abby, 10 from bea

10/31/2013 1:39:12 PM
Ariela, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is mustache.Because it has a funny thought to it.I loved mustaches for a few years now.And the mustaches make me laugh.And that is my favorite word.

10/31/2013 1:37:22 PM
Emily, 11 from Mcloud
My Favorite word is tigers. yes i do because i like there colors

10/31/2013 1:37:24 PM
Carmen, 11 from Mcloud
my favorite word is funny because it is a word that pops out and smacks you in the face because it is about a joke you just laugh

10/31/2013 1:42:18 PM
landon, 11 from shawnee
my favorite word is amazing because i am amazing

10/31/2013 1:41:52 PM
Ryland, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is cool for the reason people get confused from it and it sounds good to say to other people. Also, it sounds like cold and cold and cool sound a bit the same.

10/31/2013 1:42:22 PM
Austin, 12 from Newalla
my favorite word is lazy because I don't really like doing things.

10/31/2013 1:38:05 PM
Blaine , 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is pack. I like the way it sounds. It has something to do with a hobby.I like to pack stuff.

10/31/2013 1:38:29 PM
Trinity, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is responsible.yes i like the way it sounds. No it is a word that describes a person.It says i`m responsible.

10/31/2013 1:35:49 PM
Hunter, 11 from Mcloud, OK
My favorite word is Sum-dog.It is because it talks about the sum to the dog.

10/31/2013 1:35:31 PM
Blair, 11 from McLoud
My favorite word is horse. I like this word because it is an animal. I also have seven horses at my house. I ride one of my horses almost every day. That is why I like the word horse.

10/31/2013 1:35:19 PM
Macie, 10 from Mcloud,OK
My favorite word is green because green is my favorite color!I love the sound of the word.Green is a color. And that's my favorite word!

10/31/2013 1:36:02 PM
Sydney, 11 from Mcloud
My favorite word is zilch I like it because the way it sounds and I like the way it feels when i say it and you can say it in different ways.

10/31/2013 1:35:25 PM
Lexie, 11 from Mcloud
My favorite word is television. It is an object that you watch cartoons on especially word girl.

10/31/2013 1:35:27 PM
emily , 11 from shawnee
My favorite word is pizza. I like the word pizza because it looks so cool.Pizza is my favorite food.

10/31/2013 1:37:23 PM
Cassadie, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is imagination. I like it because if I were to have any charecteristic, it would be imagination. I also like how it sounds in a sentence. "I used my imagination while reading."

10/28/2013 12:54:34 PM
Micah, 12 from Mcloud
MY favorite word is basketball.Its fun to exercise and run! I'm a fast runner that's why i enjoy it so much! Also your friends are there to see you succeed. your parents and coach push you to work harder and that's good! I think its good for your education, because if you make a bad grade you have to run the whole practice. THE END

10/28/2013 12:51:40 PM
Brianna , 11 from Mcloud
My name is Brianna and my favorite word is Nike and Under Armor. I like that word because I have a bunch of Nike and Under Armor stuff I like to wear that kind of stuff so that is my favorite words.

10/28/2013 12:56:13 PM
Callie, 12 from Cardin
My name is Callie and my favorite word is Nike and Under Armor. I like it because I like their clothes. I especially like their shoes. Their shoes are really comfortable.

10/28/2013 12:50:45 PM
zeke , 12 from McLoud
my favorite is hi because it is how to great someone.I like to great people like new people at school.

10/28/2013 12:43:35 PM
brandon, 12 from McLoud,OK
MY favorite word is fox because it is in a song. i like it because it is also it rolls of the end of your lips.yes i know that is not right but it sounds cool what dose a fox say.

10/28/2013 12:43:15 PM
Anthony , 11 from Seminole
My favorite word is horsemabuffalocow because its one of my favorite animals a horse combined with our animal the buffalo combined with a cow.

10/28/2013 12:44:18 PM
arrington, 55 from mcloud
My favorite word is biking,because it is my favorite hobby.I like the way it sounds. B makes a strange sound and I like the sound "ike" in it. I think it is a interesting word.

10/28/2013 12:45:18 PM
Jaden, 12 from Mcloud, Oklahoma
My favorite word is music. Because i like to listen to music win i get bored. I like music cause like when i get sad or something i just listen to music and it makes me a little happier. I love listening to country music i just love music.

10/28/2013 12:44:00 PM
Jodi, 12 from Mcloud,OK
My favorite word is coon-hunting because it is a favorite hobby of mine. Coon-hunting is where dogs have to go out and find raccoons and stand on a tree and bark which is called treeing. It is a wonderful hobby to have.

10/28/2013 12:42:53 PM
Kailyn , 11 from Mcloud
My favorite word is basketball one reason is that your always in shape.Your always with your friends on the basketball court.

10/28/2013 12:45:19 PM
josh, 11 from Mcloud
MY favorite word is Mississippi because I love the tickle on my head and tongue.

10/28/2013 12:47:10 PM
malique, 12 from McLoud, Oklahoma
My favorite word is cuddly because I get to cuddle with my puppy and its warm.

10/28/2013 12:43:53 PM
baleigh, 12 from mcloud
my favorite word is rocks because I collect them like crystals marble fools gold and

10/28/2013 12:40:54 PM
chloee , 11 from mcloud ok.
My favorite word is love. The reason I like this word is because i love a lot of stuff. I love my mom my dad my brother Jason, my brother Jacob, and my brother Joshua. And my grandparents Sylvia and Garry my mothers mom and step dad. And i love my dads parents,Charles witch is his step dad, and my grandmother Debra .

10/28/2013 12:42:00 PM
Louis, 11 from MCLOUD
My favorite word is flame because it means a fire It can be in red, orange, blue, purple, and green

10/28/2013 12:42:54 PM
kenzie, 12 from mcloud
my word is love because you find it sometime in ur life and i hurd it rocks love is apart of everybody s life you just have to look for it and whene u find it ittle be ur time it could be anytime even whene ur 80 u just got to wait for it to come to u

10/26/2013 1:52:10 AM
alex, 22 from jubail
I love the life especially with my girl friend its really amazing

10/26/2013 1:52:10 AM
alex, 22 from jubail
I love the life especially with my girl friend its really amazing

10/25/2013 4:40:57 PM
katlyn, 10 from geagori
my favorite word is mississippi the thereason why mississippi is it sound funny mississippi!! mississippi!!!!

10/25/2013 1:25:47 PM
nathan davis, 11 from MCLOUD
i like you

10/25/2013 12:59:43 PM
garrett, 13 from cole
i like to cudle with my pig and and horse and brother and my grilfreind

10/25/2013 12:52:43 PM

10/25/2013 12:54:17 PM
angel, 12 from McLoud,OK
my favorite word is Deedee

10/25/2013 12:52:12 PM
Tyler, 13 from choctaw
I like the word Lauren because its my girlfriends name and i like the way it sounds.If i could just say it over and over again it wouldn't get old!

10/25/2013 12:40:46 PM
Gabby , 12 from mcloud
my favorite word is james. i love it because its so cute. and i think james is cute hiself too.

10/25/2013 12:40:44 PM
lexie, 12 from mcloud
my favorie word is houstin.i like it because it is so cute! i think it sounds cool to.

10/24/2013 2:01:43 PM
ethan, 11 from mcloud
my favorite wore is .P.E. because you get yo do fun activity and you get to play in P.E. that's my favorite word.

10/24/2013 1:42:32 PM
Jacie Bennett, 10 from McLoud
My favorite word is duct. I love the sound of this word because it is fun to say the "c" and the "t" sound together. It makes a sort of duc'A't like theres an A in it. I also love this word because I am a WIZ @ making stuff with duct tape. I can make anything from wallets to T-shirts. It is the most 'craftiest' thing I have ever worked with. My favorite duct tape brand is Duck Tape. It comes in so many colors and prints! I love duct tape because it is wild and fun,just like me!

10/24/2013 1:28:45 PM
Victoria, 10 from Newalla
I like the word courage cause it makes me do stuff I am scared to do. I like the way it sounds cause when I go to my basketball games and I am scared I am going to miss a shot but I say, I have courage in myself

10/24/2013 1:39:02 PM
allie, 10 from meeker
My favorite word is kitten it would be because I love them. I have three of them.

10/24/2013 1:30:32 PM
Naketa, 10 from Newalla
I like the word hope cause it makes me feel happy when i am sad!I like the way it sounds cause if i am in a weird place i will have hope!It also is my hobby cause I do dangerous stuff so I have hope that i do not die!

10/24/2013 1:32:19 PM
Olivia, 10 from Mcloud OK
My favorite word is basketball because it is fun to play!I like it because it is exciting and athletic.All my friends play to so that is good.When i score i fill happy inside!That is why i like basketball.

10/24/2013 1:27:46 PM
ethan, 11 from Mcloud
My favorite word is P.E. because I get to do fun activity's. and you get to play in .P.E. That's my favorite words.

10/24/2013 1:32:34 PM
lexus, 10 from mcloud
My favorite word is dog because i like to love on my dog and she fluffy and cute

10/24/2013 1:29:38 PM
allie, 10 from meeker
My favorite word is kitten it would be because I love them. I have three they are so cute!!!

10/24/2013 1:35:30 PM
Tyler, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is Batman. I like Batman because he saves people, and he helps people. He is my favorite cartoon character.

10/24/2013 1:31:19 PM
anyssa, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is bird because it sounds. Bird are special because i like when it sounds, soft and cuddle.

10/24/2013 1:27:17 PM
Colby, 10 from LasVegas,Nevada
My favorite word is computers. I get to play on them and watch video's. That's why I like computers.

10/24/2013 1:26:12 PM
cody, 10 from Mcloud,OK
My favorite word is peanut because i like peanut butter and peanuts and it smells good like chesse and you smell and i also like chesse like dr. two brains!

10/24/2013 1:26:10 PM
Amy, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable. It means friendly. Since my name is Amy and I am friendly, I like this word. I like the way it sounds and I like what it means.

10/24/2013 12:39:04 PM
Jada, 11 from Mcloud
My favorite word is puppy because puppies are cute ,and adorable. I wish I had a puppy that never grew bigger than five inches.

10/24/2013 12:37:41 PM
trinity, 12 from mccloud
My favorite word is candy.candy is delicious and I really like candy.I like candy because its has sugar in it.Candy is sweet and it my favorie yay.

10/24/2013 12:39:45 PM
sarah, 12 from mcloud
My favorite word is funky,because i like the sound of it and its catchy

10/24/2013 12:37:49 PM
ryane, 11 from mcloud
my favorite word is hey girlfriend !! because it's fun to say it's a catchy word

10/24/2013 12:38:09 PM
mason, 13 from McLoud, OK
My favorite word is hunting because i go hunting with my dad a lot.

10/24/2013 12:38:50 PM
jessica, 11 from Mcloud
my favorite word is HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/24/2013 12:37:51 PM
Ibrahim, 12 from oklahoma
my favorite word villan

10/24/2013 12:37:43 PM
oscar, 12 from Mcloud
my favoret word is no school

10/24/2013 12:37:15 PM
Amy, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable because it means to be friendly, and my name is Amy. I like to be friendly.

10/23/2013 4:13:02 PM
cat, 13 from ivanho
I love to sing its so fun

10/23/2013 12:52:32 PM

10/23/2013 12:42:32 PM
Jena, 12 from Mcloud,OK
My favorite word is popcorn, because popcorn is my favorite type of snack.

10/23/2013 12:39:11 PM
alondra, 11 from mcloud
my favorite word is swimming because i like to swim.

10/23/2013 12:39:04 PM
Amy, 40 from Mcloud
My favorite word is amiable, because Amy is my name and amiable means to be friendly.

10/22/2013 2:06:50 PM
justice, 10 from mcloud

10/22/2013 1:46:28 PM
haley , 10 from Anderson
my froute word is amanda beceas its my moms reall name

10/22/2013 1:33:52 PM
sarah , 11 from Mcloud
mine is dogs because i have two of them

10/22/2013 1:31:20 PM
justice, 10 from mcloud
bunny i like it because it names a animal

10/22/2013 1:29:39 PM
Brandon, 10 from Mcloud
My favorite word is word because I can't choose another word

10/22/2013 12:57:19 PM
skyler, 11 from mclound
my favrto word is ferdoodal I dont now why.maybe its a funny word to say. it is not an activity or a hobby. i think it is a cool thing. and i made it up.

10/22/2013 12:51:10 PM
charlotte, 11 from mcloud
my favorite word is cat. i like that word because i have a bunch of cats i home.i also read books that are called warrior cats.i have ten cats.

10/22/2013 12:48:27 PM
isaiah, 11 from mcloud,ok
cool is my favorite word i really dont know why

10/22/2013 12:41:12 PM
peyton, 11 from McLoud, Oklahoma
MY favorite word is soccer. because its one of my favorite sports and i like to run and hang out with friends.

10/22/2013 12:41:01 PM
Megan, 12 from McLoud
My favorite word is wow. It kinda makes me laugh when i say it because it sounds funny. I also like the word bumblebee . I just like the sound of it. So thats my favorite word.

10/22/2013 12:42:33 PM
brandon, 13 from mcloud
ween he says that word it sound like a baby the way the voice is

10/21/2013 1:51:06 PM
lauren, 10 from mcloud
My favorite word is awesome because I an awesome. Also my firnes are awesome.

10/21/2013 1:49:16 PM
chloe, 11 from mcloud
My fave word is hardy because so when I'm at a dance i can say party like its hardy. that's why i like that word.

10/21/2013 1:45:45 PM
dallas, 10 from mcloud
i love to couddle whith my familey because when its cold i love to couddle up in a blanket

10/21/2013 1:35:24 PM
chazz, 10 from mcloud
Monkey the reason I like the word monkey is because it is my favorite animal. Monkey has two syllables so it is longer than 1 syllable words.

10/21/2013 1:28:42 PM
Robert, 10 from mcloud

10/21/2013 12:58:38 PM
james, 12 from independence
Boooooyyyyy is my favorite word. It is flavor flav's catch fraze

10/21/2013 12:56:02 PM
hanna, 11 from mcloud
my favorite word is oreo because its my favorite cookie and that its really cool to say. i also like the way its looks and sounds.

10/21/2013 12:49:34 PM
Kassidy, 11 from Mcloud,OK
My favorite word is Oreo because it is like or-e-o. It sounds like your-e-o. I think it is very funny because it like rolls off your tongue.

10/21/2013 12:43:16 PM
Shane, 14 from Mcloud
Dumb as a bee Smart as a dog Beautiful as a flower

10/21/2013 11:44:25 AM
pavani, 28 from hoboken
My favorite word is hello !!I like to make people happy by saying hello and wishing them everyday !!!It makes my life colorful and happy person . I am peoples person and i always like to make everyone happy with that word.

10/19/2013 9:29:13 PM
laterica, 12 from the design cycle
my favorite word is the because it is the most important word to me.and it is a word you have to put in each sentence and every paragragh.

10/19/2013 11:13:12 AM
minecraftgirl, 9 from san diego
my favorite word is running cause i like running with my friends and its really cool but we get tired but its ok.

10/18/2013 7:15:58 AM
karmyn, 7 from lexington
my faverite word is me

10/17/2013 3:02:31 PM
Anne, 12 from korea
My favorite word is beautiful. l like this word because l like many beautiful things like the blue sky, flowers and jewelry. Furthermore, the sound of beautiful is very sofe and nice rhythm. Whenever l sould it, l feel good.

10/16/2013 3:25:24 PM
Johanna, 15 from Phoenix
My favorite word is food. It's my favorite word because i really like to eat food, because food is really delicious. The word food is cool because it was two o's. I like it.

10/15/2013 7:17:50 PM
marques , 17 from oakcliff
My favorite word that decribes me is different. The reason I chose this word is because im simply different. Some people mistake me for a gansta or a dumb person, but little do they know that im the exact opposite. Yeah sure I like rap music and mess around in class but what people need to know about me is that I get my work done and im the nicest guy on the planet, haha, well at least I think I am.

10/13/2013 11:46:23 AM
jessica, 8 from egypt
my favirit word is family because I realy like my family

10/12/2013 11:51:46 PM
chris, 14 from cisneros
never I like this word because its like saying never give up in a way you were about too nut that that quote kept me going in life. I want to never give up on something impossible chin up head never down in way you feel depressed thank you.

10/12/2013 2:44:49 PM
Michelle, 46 from Huynh
Knowledge is my favorite word. Without knowledge we will be far behind from the current world. We will feel be an outsider.

10/9/2013 10:27:51 AM
Reilly, 9 from Erie
My favorite word is giggle.Giggle is my favorite word because I like to giggle a lot.I am very funny.When I crack a joke,it is always funny because it could be new,or outdated.Outdated ones are always funny because they are outdated,and it is funny because the person tries to make it good.That is my paragraph about my favorite word.

10/9/2013 6:26:33 AM
rena, 9 from atlanta
Paul say's I never smile

10/6/2013 5:16:16 PM
Jaden, 10 from I ave
My favorit word is love cause love is a fun word to say and it means to like other people like your mom or dad.Andyou can do it all the time.

10/5/2013 6:22:00 AM
Margaret, 10 from Izmir
My favourite word is sailing because I'm happy when I sail.

10/4/2013 12:25:43 PM
amy, 12 from arkansa
My favorite word is special because everyone is special in there own ways. When you tell someone there special it makes them feel a lot better about themselfs

10/1/2013 5:22:09 PM
hanaah, 12 from nevada
His favorite words is cefa.

10/1/2013 1:24:32 PM
carlos, 27 from chicago
My favorite word is security. Security has multiple meanings for me. The first meaning of security is the career field that i am in, It means to secure a person or property. Second meaning is job security , with job security i know that i can rely on the job to provide for my family.

9/29/2013 4:15:23 PM
ahmed , 33 from iraq
my favorite words are always composed from 4 letters because i like that number so i like word play

9/27/2013 10:42:22 PM
Malea, 9 from Balitmore
my favorire woyrd is my name it is spshil to me

9/27/2013 11:16:32 AM
m, 5 from las vegas
my favority anmial monky

9/25/2013 7:43:49 PM
kalista, 8 from florida
My favorite word is love because I love to hang out with friends and take some time out of my work to just chill and relax with my family. That means to love of all of them.

9/24/2013 2:03:23 PM
karen, 14 from anaheim ca
my favorite word is spongbob becuase isee alot of spongbob and i love that show

9/24/2013 12:51:39 AM
test, 39 from ca
my favorite word is cool,I like to be in cool in all the time.I don't want to be very aggressive, if I am cool I do better.

9/23/2013 11:10:21 AM

9/21/2013 3:17:11 PM
corryn, 11 from yonkers new york
i love word girl it is a good show i teaches you how to read also how to write and other things i watch word girl with my brother and sister it is very educational in many ways you can learn from word girl and you should watch it alote'

9/21/2013 2:30:43 PM
donnell, 30 from gainesville, fl
Continue I like the word continue because you never quit. Its ongoing till you quit, so much like me. I am someone who continues until the there is no way or no how on continuing.

9/20/2013 1:00:34 PM
hena , 23 from CA
i like being in parties because it is the most fun time when people are together. they have a chance to talk to each other, and share their problems, solve issues when information exchange.

9/18/2013 7:03:23 PM
Emma, 10 from Boise
My favorite word is hi because you can just walk up to someone and say hi and they already know what it means! I also love the word hi because its two letters long. that's my favorite word!

9/16/2013 6:02:24 PM
Alija, 13 from Stockbridge, GA
My favorite word is money. I like saying money because money has a special meaning to it. Without money then you couldn't buy or do anything. Money also is used in many different ways and has many different currencies. The united states currency is 1.00 and in Europe their currency is The euro sign

9/12/2013 8:56:51 AM
Bob, 9 from laurel
My favorite word is blue. I like it.

9/12/2013 1:23:35 AM
J, 30 from K
I have to be honest, it never entered my mind before to have a favorite word; however if I were to pick a word that stood out as my favorite, I suppose it would have to be (Increase) the reason that this word has so much meaning for me is because I am always trying to improve myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

9/12/2013 1:26:28 AM
maria, 35 from africa
my is maria I am 35 years old,and have 3 childen I want to English read and write for future

9/11/2013 6:15:06 PM
kathleen, 09 from orlando
My favorite word is lol i like it because it's easy to say instead of saying laugh at loud you just say looooollllllll and it ispires me because i'm a laughing person and like to say lol

9/10/2013 6:03:59 AM
corey, 9 from Albany
My favorite word is Jesus because he is so amazing to me. He makes me smile when I am down and when I need him he is always there for me.

9/9/2013 10:04:18 AM
Charm, 30 from Ottawa
My favorite words are knitting and crochet because i love to create a lot of things.I would sit down all day to crochet a blouse or a baby dress.

9/8/2013 10:55:33 PM
Jill, 10 from Toronto, Ontario
My favourite word is aubergine. I like the way the word sounds because it is a smooth sounding word.

9/8/2013 8:45:47 PM
Erynn, 9 from maple ridge
Honey, it's just sounds so sweet and I love Honey as well as my Grandpa! Genetics!

9/7/2013 7:10:51 PM
Faisal Alyami, 31 from Saudi Arabia
my favorite word is professional. I like this word because when I hear it I remember Ronaldo. he is the best player in the world. so, I hop some day to be professional by soccer.

9/6/2013 10:58:38 AM
mason, 10 from marcy
my favorite word is rachiet it is special because it sounds funny I like the ways it sounds

9/6/2013 10:34:48 AM
tzu-yi, 21 from houston
my favorite word is pink im like the girl who dosent like to talk alot.

9/6/2013 8:38:34 AM
ahmed, 18 from middle east
My faviorite word is instituion.It is my faviorite word because I like the way it sounds. In addition, if there is something realate to a company or a corporation, I would like to say an instituion instead of saying other words that I mentioned.

9/1/2013 11:02:20 PM
ZOE, 10 from US
today I went to see one direction to it was fun I saw I with my friends.Hary styls was just like him my mom loves him love one D see you mom loves me by . BRI LOVE ZOE

9/1/2013 8:41:39 PM
elizabeth, 10 from roseburg
love because its just sweet and loving lie puppies.

8/27/2013 3:25:50 PM
alex, 9 from eustis
my favroit word is alex because it is my name

8/24/2013 10:52:00 PM
sierra, 11 from sapulpa
my favorite word is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious because it can mean anything

8/24/2013 2:33:42 PM
April, 13 from Waco
My favorite word is esoteric because it makes me think of a whole different world of fantasy. It sounds mysterious and oddly beautiful, as the syllables flow together well. Mystical is the meaning of the word and both make me think of elves, my favorite fantasy species.

8/23/2013 9:07:26 PM
cassandra, 18 from california
pink,bright and quiet, i like baasket ball and to sing, well my favorite word that describes me is i have long hair and im friendly i lik hanging out with my friends and shop

8/21/2013 2:37:17 PM
Katia Frate, 15 from Canada
my favourite sports is all kinds of sports not hockey my favourite activites is Cheerleading with Dream Team. my favourite food is all of the meals and Italian food to eat. what is your dog name in the house with the family. I have a dog and name is Belle and she is a female dog and Belle is a nice dog to have as a pet in the house with my family. my favourite movie is Criminal Minds and Shake It Up Chicago.

8/19/2013 6:10:33 PM
zemifrah denise hicks, from leston farms
My favorite word is sunshine and the reason is because when I look at the sun it reminds me of a girls name sunshine and that it is good that I know her. ok now that I have finished my essay you may tell and tell me my answer ok now here is another one cute this is my favorite word because people call me that at school and now that I started it, it is easy so there is my second favorite word again and then now I can't tell you another word just check

8/19/2013 9:20:20 AM
Sadaf, 9 from Illinois
My favourite word is unique because it basically means your special because your different and everyone is unique in their own way some people like sports some people like reading it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it your own way.

8/18/2013 6:28:08 PM
kayla, 10 from longmont
my favorite word is supercalafragalisticexpealadoucios be cause its long fun to say and takes forever to say. there is also a song about it that i like to sing when i am writing a really long word. it also is a funny conversation starter with friends.

8/18/2013 10:18:15 AM
Brooke, 9 from colorado
GIRL. This is my favorite word because describes who I am and who lots of other people are.

8/16/2013 1:47:11 PM
Leayah, 11 from petersburg virgina
hello word girl this is a writing little Quiz I hope I get A GOOD GRADE ON IT AND HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY

8/15/2013 10:39:26 AM
katie, 12 from Pennsylvania
my favorite word is googlie because it sound weired googlie gogliegooglie and funny I love the word GOOGLIE

8/14/2013 12:19:32 AM
summer, 11 from belcamp
my favorite word is ryan cause i love him and i love the sound of his name and one of my favorate hobbys is txting ryan ryan says who i am cause i can be my self around him

8/13/2013 3:52:47 PM
Angelina, 24 from santa rosa
My favorite actitvity is swimming because peopel say i swim like a fish.I was rasied by my fathers keith and steve and they adopted me and my brother.

8/12/2013 1:03:14 PM
Antoinette, 33 from Chicago
My favorite is nurse because my mother is a nurese.And I want to be a nurse when i get my GED.

8/12/2013 1:03:14 PM
Antoinette, 3 from Chicago
My favorite is nurse because my mother is a nurese.And I want to be a nurse when i get my GED.

8/11/2013 5:27:42 PM
kiara, 23 from dallas
refrigerator is my favorite world because it's the first thing i see when get home and it's where the food is.i find learn about food is something i really like to do because there are many type food each different in it's own way.I like to learn about the different countrys that make differant food we never see american.I like to learn everything about thing there is to know and when it comes to food and how it changes from country to country that very inportant to i who am.

8/10/2013 4:39:37 PM
Ada, 55 from florida
My favorite word is a n.a. absolutely because I like to make people feel that I am agreeing on wherever they are talking as bout, and I'm seeing asked do you agree

8/10/2013 4:30:26 PM
ada, 55 from Florisa
My favorite word is absolutely

8/6/2013 10:36:53 AM
sue, 14 from toronto
My favorite word is proactive. I think about this word when I become lazy.

8/5/2013 9:25:18 PM
haniya, 14 from karachi
My favorite word is colours.Life should be filled with beautiful colours and it usually changes according to the mood.Time changes the colours of life whether its black which potrays sadness or white for liveliness or peace.

8/4/2013 10:39:40 PM
kazo, 19 from ksa
my favorite word is yes, because if anyones say to you yes you will have what you want that why i like this word .

8/3/2013 7:39:42 PM
madison, 10 from newfoundland
My word is happy. I picked happy because i'm always happy.

7/31/2013 8:12:02 PM
Mehreen, 11 from toronto
My favourite words are Cookie Dough and Coolio. Cookie dough because its fun to say and Coolio because its a merge of 2 of my favourite words: Cool and cheerios! YUM!

7/27/2013 10:39:57 PM
Hassim, 9/ from Miami
My favorite word is benevolent because it means happiness and joy But also it describe me better and when ever I say it or hear it, It just want Me to go to a ocean and cry and cry and sob because it's meaning is just To powerful.

7/27/2013 10:39:57 PM
Hassim, 9/ from Miami
My favorite word is benevolent because it means happiness and joy But also it describe me better and when ever I say it or hear it, It just want Me to go to a ocean and cry and cry and sob because it's meaning is just To powerful.

6/13/2013 8:50:33 PM
lilly, 9 from bloomington
Hi, my name is Lilly. My favorite word is friends. i like friends because they help you through a lot of things. I couldn't live without friends. They are very special and everyone needs them no matter who they are. It is special because no one can live without them, especially me. This word tells about me because I have and make lots of friends so now you know my special word.

3/27/2013 7:06:38 PM
Anabelis, 9 from Sorrento
My favorite word is nice. It is awesome to me because it means to act friendly. I am nice. Maybe because I always help. Hope you have a fav word. Peace Out!

2/7/2013 8:02:12 PM
omowonuola, 11 from nigeria

2/5/2013 9:14:49 PM
kk, 2 from ca
My favorite word is beautiful be

1/30/2013 12:16:13 PM
Sarah, 9 from Johnson
My favorite word is ice-cream because it is my favorite food. I like to eat ice-cream all the time during the summer because it is hot. My favorite type of ice-cream is mint chocolate chip.

12/12/2012 2:37:12 PM
Rylee, 9 from Sorrento,FL
My favorite word is (Teacher) because I love all of my (Teachers.)

11/20/2012 2:15:42 PM
Quinn, 9 from MIchigan
My Favorite word is err.Because it is fun to say.

11/20/2012 2:05:28 PM
keira, 8 from michigan
my favorite word is fun because i love to have fun.

11/20/2012 1:50:08 PM
Anna, 8 from mingagin
my favorite word is food cause I will not srive with out it.

11/19/2012 4:24:19 PM
caitlin, 8 from Ann Arbor
My fravrite word is famaly because my famaly is big and sweet.

11/19/2012 2:13:19 PM
Leela, 8 from michigan
my favorite word is mystery because I love mysterys

11/19/2012 2:13:20 PM
keira, 8 from mi
my favorite word is birthday because birthdays are my favorite. and its a special day too.

11/19/2012 2:12:47 PM
Esther, 7 from Michgan
My favorite word is sports because I love to play sports

11/16/2012 2:14:54 PM
Anna, 7 from michigan
my forvit word is failmy cause they are the pepole that care for you.And they are that love you for all time.And help you when you need it.And that is why failmy is my forvit word.

11/16/2012 2:22:39 PM
Molly, 8 from migchgan
My favorite word is animal becuse I love them very much

11/16/2012 2:14:47 PM
Quinn, 9 from Ann Arbor Michigan
My favorite word is football. Because football is fun to say and wright. And I play on a tackle football team that play 11 game and won every one. WE won the a big bowl last week.And on sat. we play in the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/16/2012 2:07:47 PM
Quinn, 9 from Ann Arbor Michigan
My favorite word is football. Because I am very good at it

11/16/2012 1:50:50 PM
Zachary, 8 from Ann Arbor, Michigan
My favorit word is adventerus, beacause I love to go out and icplor.

11/16/2012 1:48:25 PM
Quinn, 9 from Ann Arbor Michigan
My favorite word is Great. Because I like to say it and spell it.

11/14/2012 6:48:12 PM
Devin, 12 from St. Petersburg, Florida
My favorite word is Djibouti. It is a country on the edge of Africa. I like it because it sounds funny. I don't know much about the country but the word is cool. I also like learning about different countries.

11/14/2012 4:26:31 PM
clif, 8 from 807 trafalagar
the girl is talking about words, and the other boy is talking about words, too. The End.

11/9/2012 2:43:18 PM
Rylee, 9 from Sorrento,Florida
My favorite word is faimly because I love my faimly and they love me.

11/8/2012 2:04:11 PM
ashley, 10 from orlando
hello,my favorite word is supercalafragalistickexpealadoshus because it is a funny word and it is a big word.

11/8/2012 1:38:41 PM
jc, 10 from forrida
i love the word animals beacuse i have 2 dogs

11/8/2012 1:07:43 PM
josh, 10 from cc
car i love cars

11/7/2012 11:04:32 AM
Alannah, 9 from westword ho ave
my favorit word is music becuas i like music.

11/7/2012 11:08:41 AM
jackson, 9 from Eustis
i like football because it is really fun and just an awesome sport to play!

11/7/2012 11:07:24 AM
sarah, 9 from florda
my favrite word is majestic because the word sounds interesting

11/7/2012 11:05:52 AM
jackson, 9 from Eustis
my favorite word is football beacuse i play football a lot and it is just an awesome sport to play!

11/6/2012 1:14:21 PM
Tessa, 9 from Sorrento FL

11/6/2012 1:07:25 PM
juan, 10 from florida
my favret word is amimals beacuse in have 1 dog

11/5/2012 4:03:33 PM
Gavin, 10 from Sorrento
video games because they are really fun and you can play with friends on the internet and with other people

10/31/2012 11:47:11 AM
johnthan, 9 from mount.dora
i like to play video game

10/29/2012 5:48:11 PM
Madison, 9 from Sorrento
My favorite word is supercalifragilisticexpealidosious, because it is fun to say and I love Mary Poppins.I also like the way it twists my tounge into knots when I say it. That's why I love the word supercalifragilisticexpealidosious!

10/29/2012 4:13:36 PM
summer, 9 from florida
My favorite word is Friends because i have a lot of friends so that is why that is my favorite word. I like it because it has a meaning of people that i like as a has my favorite hobby because all i do is talk to my friends and play with them.It says about who i am because like i said i talk to my friends and play with them.

10/27/2012 6:28:45 PM
molly, 9 from schmidt
ozzy becauce it is my dogs name

10/27/2012 3:34:56 PM
Anabelis, 9 from Lake County
My favorite word is friend. I like it because I like my friends and they are special to me.

10/27/2012 3:34:56 PM
Anabelis, 9 from Lake County
My favorite word is friend. I like it because I like my friends and they are special to me.

10/27/2012 3:06:49 PM
kaitlyn, 10 from tenisy
what is your favorite word? my favorite word is friend because i have alot of awesome friends like Anabelis and Ashely. friend reminds me of anabelis and ashely! when i loke at the worde i can see my friends!! that is why i like the word friend!;)

10/27/2012 2:49:09 PM
hannah, 9 from eustis
My favorite word is school because it is awesome and I learn alot!

10/27/2012 2:25:42 PM
kaitlyn, 10 from tenissy
what is your favorite worde?whel my favorite word is friend,it is friend because i have alot of friends like anabelis,ashily,summer and many more! I like the sound of friend because it reminds me of my friends! I hope you have a favorite word!

9/24/2012 2:03:12 PM
Dawn, 13 from Sarasota
My favorite word is HAPPY

8/6/2012 10:23:15 PM
dolores, 14 from dallas
my favorite word is candy. I like to each candy all day and all night. Chocolate is my favorite type of candy.

8/6/2012 4:07:11 PM
Cade, 9 from Rumney
my favorite word is pizza because it sounds really cool! piz-za.

7/23/2012 9:25:19 AM
Patt, 44 from Phenix City
Words are important in communication. There are words that describe, command, inspire and more. My favorite word is motivate. I want to motivate students to succeed. Motivate sounds like move as in get moving and work to reach your goals. I am motivated by students who want to be motivated!

6/20/2012 4:49:28 PM
Mason, 9 from Regina
My favorite word is De lorean.That is my favorite word because it is my favorite car and I like the body of the car and it goes really fast!!

6/20/2012 4:47:49 PM
Liam, 8 from Regina
My favourite word is chocolate.It is my favourite word because it's yummy.

6/20/2012 4:45:15 PM
Suba , 9 from Regina
My favorite word is friends because I have soooo many friends,and my BFF is Alemdina since kindergarten. We met by me following her after are teacher put us together as partners. Alemdina taught me everything, this is why the word " friends" means a lot to me and my favorite word.

6/20/2012 4:52:21 PM
Navyata, 8 from India
Family- My family always stays with me in my heart. They love me. I love my family too. My family stays with me. I stay with my family. I will never forget my family ever. I care about my family.

6/20/2012 4:57:57 PM
Madison, 8 from Saskatchewan
My favorite word is school. I like the word school because I like going to school. I also really like to learn and I can learn some of my favorite subjects at school. I also like playing with my friends at recess.

6/20/2012 4:42:21 PM
Emma, 9 from Regina
My favorite word is dance because I take tap, ballet, jazz and acrobatics. Dance is my favorite sport and activity. I have been in dance since I was 3. Dance makes me feel happy especially when we get 1st place in competition!!!

6/20/2012 4:44:03 PM
Clark, 9 from Regina, SK
Hockey lover describes me the best because I like a lot of different hockey teams and players. These players include: Wayne Gretzky, Paul Coffie Mario Lameaux and Gordy How and Sidney Crosby.

6/20/2012 4:44:59 PM
Madison, 8 from Regina
My favorite word is school. I like the word school because I like going to school.

6/20/2012 4:44:03 PM
Brianna, 9 from Saskatchewan
Friends-Friends make you feel good. You can play with them. They always play with you. If you are sad they will make you happy, or if you are hurt they will help you right away because that means they are a true friend and they are good to have. Everyone has a true friend and that is why they are always happy. Everyone needs a true friend and everyone has one.

6/20/2012 4:45:50 PM
Carson, 9 from Regina, SK
Sports describes me the best because my favorite thing to do is play sports. I play lots of different sports, and this includes: hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, dogdeball,tennis and my favorite of all... FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/20/2012 4:44:17 PM
Almedina, 8 from Bosnia i Sariavo
My favourite word is friends because my friends really care about me and friends are nice also if you want to share something private you can just say it to your friend!

6/20/2012 4:51:07 PM
Carter, 12 from Regina
My favourite word is scaring, because I like to scare people. I scare a lot of people in a day. It's kind of like my hobby at school. I love to scare people.

6/20/2012 4:45:41 PM
Danny, 9 from Regina
My fsvorite word is dog. I like the word dog becasue I have 2 dogs and there really funny. I think dog understsnd what I am saying. I think that really nice and they are the man's best friend!

6/20/2012 4:46:09 PM
josh, 9 from Regina
my favorite is word is........sports because I play a lot of spots and I like a lot of sports.My favorite sport is hockey

6/20/2012 4:44:25 PM
lauren, 8 from Regina
my favourite word is cat. That is my favourite word because i have a cat. Cats are my most favourite animal in the world. Cat is also my favourite word because i have a cat of my own, and my cat is funny, because he jumps up on to a railing then he lays down on it.

6/20/2012 4:45:31 PM
Chase, 9 from Regina Canada
I like the word Hockey because I play hockey and I score lots of goals.

6/20/2012 4:49:38 PM
Evan, 8 from Regina, SK
My favourite word is chocolate beacause it tastes good and I like the sound of it. Plus it makes me hyper and energetic, and it is AWESOME!

6/20/2012 4:44:53 PM
Cooper Johnson, 8 from Regina
my favorite word is ..... Sports. I am good a sports like Ping pong, Foosball, Hockey, Football and Soccer. Those are sports I am good at that's my favorite word sports

6/20/2012 4:43:26 PM
Tony, 8 from Regina
My favorite word is penguins.I like the word penguins because it's my favorite animal. I like penguins because they are so cute and cuddly! I also like penguins because they live in a interesting habitat.

6/20/2012 4:42:50 PM
Hayley, 9 from Regina
My favorite word is bedroom. I think this word is special because I can only sleep in my room no where else. I like the way it looks because it has bed and in your bedroom you always have a bed. This word has to do with me being alone in my room and sleeping. This word says about me that I am special having a room and I am very sleepy.

6/20/2012 4:44:16 PM
Aman, 8 from Regina
My favourite word is pizza, because it tastes good. My favourite kind of pizza is pepperoni.

6/20/2012 4:39:02 PM
Soumya-dipta and Arjun, 9 from Regina
Soumya-dipta- Good is my favorite word because this has a good meaning and it's positive. Arjun- vertices is my favorite word because I like math and it's fun to say.

6/20/2012 4:41:10 PM
Austin, 9 from Regina
My favorite word it hockey because I play it. I am on a spring hockey team too, and it's really fun to do. I do hockey a lot of the time. Thats why it is my favorite word.

5/30/2012 2:21:53 PM
Les, 8 from Huntington
My favorite word is competitive. I like it because when ever I am competitive I am having FUN!

5/28/2012 4:10:54 PM
Scott, 7 from Bunkerville, NV
My favorite word is family. I like this word because I love my family and we do fun things together.

5/22/2012 3:16:25 PM
quinn, 12 from ks
My favorite word is pets because i have had a lot of pets in my life and they all mean a lot to me...

5/21/2012 2:32:15 PM
Ericka, 11 from Manhattan KS
My favorite word is super-cala-fraglistic. I like it because it's fun to say and it means like, better than the best. Alost it's from a song from Mary Poppens. Try saying it Supercalafraglist 10 times fast! Have a supercalafragalistic day!

5/21/2012 2:14:34 PM
Myra, 12 from Manhattan
My favorite word is anime because it makes all humans, animals, and worlds a beautiful cartoon. Some of them can even be for young kids and some can be for teenagers. But you can tell them apart.

5/21/2012 12:35:23 PM
alex, 12 from new orleins
my favorit word is dude because when you say it, it sounds cool. And when you strach it out i sounds like your saying ohhhh.

5/18/2012 8:52:54 PM
Serin, 12 from Republic of Korea
My favorite word is family. Because I love them. They will be my best present in my life. Family give me lots of happiness and love.

4/27/2012 7:48:04 PM
Isabelle, 7 from Portland, OR
My favorite word is hot dog. I like this word because some people thinks it is hot and is a dog. Also, I like it because it taste very good and very yummy with ketchup and mustard.

4/27/2012 7:04:36 PM
Isabelle, 7 from Portland, OR
My favorite word is love and I like it because you use it with your heart. The word is also very kind to hear and lovely to say.

4/25/2012 10:47:16 PM
Cameron , 7 from portland oregon
my favorite word is blue because its a cool word and it gives stuff color and it makes you wonder and thats my favorite word

4/17/2012 3:30:29 PM
RORY, 11 from STL

4/16/2012 3:46:47 PM
Kate Minner, 10 from St. Louis
My favorite word is pickles, because I love pickles. They are also really tasty. They taste like DELICIOSNESS!!! And I love them and they love me back. Lastly, they are the best food EVAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

3/22/2012 3:03:42 PM
katie , 9 from york
I like the word quadruple because it is cool sounding word it fit my personality because i am silly and crazy and Q is very not used

3/22/2012 2:42:35 PM
morgan, 9 from york
My favorite word is fun because it remains me of family and friends and it makes people laugh. I really like the word fun because its fun to say.

3/22/2012 2:46:02 PM
morgan, 8 from york
One of my favorite words is the word 'tease'. I like because I like to tease my teacher but she doesn't mind it. I also like to tease my little brother but like he always does he tattles on me. For some reason I like the way it sounds. Tease. When I hear the word it reminds me of one of my best times making my teacher laugh by teasing her. Tease is just plain different.

3/22/2012 2:48:41 PM
ainsley, 9 from york
my favorite word is supercalifragilisticexpalidocious. it is my favorite word because it sounds cool. it is special to me because it is a long word!

3/22/2012 2:45:03 PM
kelis, 9 from york
I love the word crazy because it reminds me of partying. it also reminds me of having fun and being your self. doing pretty cool stuff.

3/22/2012 2:41:21 PM
xander, 9 from york
my favorite word is millon.i like the word millon because it makes me feel rich and makes feel like i'm in a machan because i like big houses and feels like i have a millon bucks. another reasin is it almost makes me want to have a nice sports car.that is why it's my favorite word!!!

3/22/2012 2:44:52 PM
michael C, 9 from york
MY favorite word is parents because they tae care of me and they never let me down

3/22/2012 2:32:09 PM
Missy, 27 from York
My favorite word is 'festive'. I really enjoy the way the word sounds. It's not very appealing to the eye, but it makes me think of holidays and good times with friends and family. The word describes, to me, happiness, joy, partying, and being social. It brings to mind pictures of Christmas trees, New Year's banners, and birthday cake. I think that 'festive' being my favorite word says that I like having fun and I'm a very outgoing person.

2/8/2012 7:54:10 PM
jaz, 8 from port huron
My favrite word is mom because it is short but you can say it long mmmmmmooooooooommmmmmmm i love my mom and she loves me

2/3/2012 7:00:12 PM
Adison, 10 from New Hampshire
My favorite word is befuddled. I like this word because I like the way it sounds. My favorite part is "fuddled"

1/27/2012 1:40:01 PM
Jessica, 8 from Cambridge
My favorite word is pretend because I like to do scenes with my family and friends. The characters are people, animals or things. My favorite thing to pretend is that I'm a girl and my dad is a dad and I wake up after having slept for 37 years. And I got a new husband and have children when I was sleeping. It is hilarious!

1/26/2012 9:17:32 AM
alicia , 11 from owensborokentucky
my favorite word is mom because she does lots of things for me she explains things were I can understand them.

1/26/2012 9:15:29 AM
Arianna , 11 from Owensboro,Kentucky
Mom is my favorite word because mom's are part of life and they help their children get through life. Mom's are always their for their children and they protect them from any harm. Mom's don't hate anyone unless they try to hurt their children. My mom is always their for me and that is why I like the word mom.

1/24/2012 12:33:15 PM
Lee, 12 from Cornwall
My favorite word is love. I believe that this is my favorite word because I really like when I have this feeling. I love my family, I love my pets, I love to come to school, and I love to do fun things!

11/20/2011 3:54:56 PM
dean, 9 from newyourk
my faverit word is cool because people owes sass im coll

11/7/2011 5:48:07 PM
Kylie, 7 from Quincy
my favorite word is love because i love my famliy and it is fun to love like someone loves you and fun.

10/25/2011 9:54:17 AM
Maria, 8 from INDIA
my favorite word is fuzzy and she is very cute i just love her to much!

10/4/2011 10:55:06 PM
brooklyn, 10 from il
My fav word is love because it is a strong word and can mean alot and it is pashanent a caring.

9/9/2011 3:08:04 PM
Anna, 8 from Garland
My favorite word is pizza because thats my favorite food.I also like the word pizza because it sounds good.I also like pizza because it makes my feel happy.

9/9/2011 3:05:50 PM
william, 8 from graland
my favret word is happy becuse i am happy a lot

9/9/2011 3:05:27 PM
Krista., 9 from Garland TX
the boys favorite word is animals because he has 17 animals.The girls favorite word is teacher because she has a lot of teachers and her teachersdo a lot for he.

9/6/2011 8:30:26 PM
dd, 5 from haverhill
my favorite word is horse because i love horses.

9/2/2011 4:16:57 PM
Natalie, 8 from blue spring
My favorite word is comuper because i have two comupers. I can play games it is fun!! I can play pbs kids,star fall fun brain. We can take piurchs on sunday i went to my cousin houes we take a piurcher. Some time i play on my compurers.

9/2/2011 4:18:29 PM
aj, 7 from bluesprings
my favorte word is super.becase their all cines of names that start with super.superman.superwomen.superkid.

9/2/2011 4:17:53 PM

8/19/2011 11:46:56 AM
Kaity, 10 from Lee's Summit
My Favorite Word My favorite word is Monkey because that is my favorite animal. My 2nd cruise I went on their was a stop at an island or somthing and we got to go inside a monkey cage. Before we got to inside their were some RULES. The most important rule was DONT SREAM!!! Our leader or whatever said the little kids might not want to go in because if they do scream the Monkey might bite them but my mom said No they can handle it,so then we all went in as a family and instaly a monkey fell in LOVE with my dad. The monkey who fell in LOVE with my dad was named Kenny and my dads name is Ken but friends call him Kenny so we found that funny. But then we got to feed the Monkeys and so I did and then while I was feeding the Monkey another monkey comes and Jumps onto my back and I SCREAM!!! But the RULE was to not scream but I did it anyway,and I was not bitten!!! I was SO Lucky!!!!:D

7/28/2011 10:06:18 AM
Joyce, 11 from seoul,Korea
I have 2 favorite words, which are "family" and "happy". First, I'll tell you the reason why I like the word "family". If I hear a word "family", I feel comfortable because it reminds me of my family. I can think of my mom,dad,sister and brother.Especially here,when I here the word family, I miss my home. The word "happy" soothe me when I am sad or angry. So, if I want to say bad words, I always think oppositely. It means I think happy is the bad word. so if I keep think positively, I feel better. Because I can think positively,I like the word "happy". I think most of people like these two words. So it is good to choose your favorite words.

7/28/2011 10:04:28 AM
Juan , 13 from Venezuela
honesty:honesty is my favorite word because is a word that expres the truth and make success to the person who is honest You have to be honest with your family, your friends,teacher and people who are near you. Honesty is a excellent word that make me happy and make happy to much people. That's why it is my favorite word.

7/21/2011 11:31:39 AM
Emily, 10 from concord
My favorite word is word. I like that word because their are so many words in the world.

6/3/2011 5:11:17 PM
sheletha, 6 from clarksville
My favorite word is, "School." I like to go to school and learn about compass.

5/26/2011 12:50:55 PM
Peyton , 11 from Weaverville, North Carolina
My favorite word is Hypothermia. I know it's weird, and it doesn't say a lot about me, but I just like it. I saw it in a book in Third grade, and I learned how to spell it instantly. My grandma and Grandpa say I could win a "Sper spelling bee" just because I have good vocabulary. I always like to say it, because believe it or not, it sometimes makes me feel better. I also have a HUGE notebook that I wrote "Hypothermia H-Y-P-O-T-H-E-R-M-I-A" in at least 3,000 times. It took me 13 months to finish. Haha.

5/12/2011 12:21:48 PM
Noah, 10 from McKinney
Asparagus.I love it, and Lima Beans[I wonder why people{such as Sponge Bob}make fun of it

5/12/2011 9:25:40 AM
tony, 9 from nigeria

5/12/2011 9:21:22 AM
Brodie, 11 from watervie
My favorite word is extremeb because its sounds cool, and I feel so extreme sometimes

4/8/2011 7:33:39 PM
peter, 7 from austin
I like to think about my cat. When she was a kitten I named her Kitty. So my favorite word is Kitty. That is kind of weird for a cat but I like it because it is easy to remember

4/7/2011 8:55:35 PM
katie, 9 from Rogers
my favorite wourd is cat beause I have

3/29/2011 1:35:11 PM
Teddi, 10 from Pittsburgh
My favorite word is "Dry" Cause when i say it my tounge gets dry! Cause your like "Drrrryyy" and taking the time to say that makes it Drrryyyy!

3/29/2011 11:20:17 AM
Mariana, 8 from Goncalves
Adorei este videu, e acho que é :-) (fixe). Beijinhos (From Portuguese: I loved this and I think it is :-) (cool). Kisses

3/22/2011 2:23:56 PM

3/22/2011 2:21:43 PM
My favortie word is cheering because i love to cheer.

3/17/2011 9:03:57 PM
Taruna, 9 from Leetsdale PA
My favorite word is life because without it you wouldn't exsist and I like how it sounds. I love the word life.

3/16/2011 2:47:10 PM
jude, 10 from russia
vidio games

3/14/2011 10:30:34 AM
aelx, 10 from rogers,AR
My favorte word is extreme because I ilke to do extreme stuff some times I get hurt.

3/14/2011 10:40:47 AM
Ivy, 10 from rogers arcansas
My favorite word is sandwich.Cause I love sandwiches.I always get the same sandwich all the time.At subway and Firehouse subs.

3/14/2011 10:27:03 AM
jacob, 9 from roges
My favorite word is math because, I love doing it, especially when it involves m&ms. Here is an example: 4 frends had 5 m&ms. 1 other frend has 10. How many will each person get?'s easy.You try it.

3/14/2011 10:36:29 AM
Evan, 9 from Rogers
HI my name is evan i am 9 years favorite word is shark because i think it is asome

3/14/2011 10:37:33 AM
phisher, 9 from rogers,AR
my favorite word is awesome because i am awesome.

3/14/2011 10:26:25 AM
Halle, 8 from Rogers, AR
My favorite word is kitten, because I think kittens are really cute, and playful, and because I have a kitten.

3/14/2011 10:26:58 AM
lindsey grace, 8 from rogers,AR
MY favorite word is farm because my mom and dad grew up on a farm and i like it.

3/14/2011 10:30:15 AM
alexa, 9 from Rogers
its cool

3/14/2011 10:19:59 AM
emma, 8 from rogers
my favrite word is zebra becase my favrite coler is black and white and i lov zebras

3/7/2011 3:59:04 PM
Lori, 10 from Vergas
My favorite word is ocean because I love everything about the ocean. I love the blueness of the water. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I even love the salty smell that rise up from its froth.

2/18/2011 4:54:52 PM
sarah, 8 from brighton
Love is my favorite word because I love almost everything. I love my family, friends, pets, toys, and stuff that I find hard to mention because it is too much. And i just like love because love is love.

2/1/2011 8:18:57 AM
Belinda, 12 from Lexington

1/31/2011 7:09:22 PM
caterina, 10 from Massachusets
My favorite word is vocabulary.I love to speak and expand my vocabulary. I like how this word is long. I love long words.

1/19/2011 10:47:47 AM
Mary, 9 from Brooklyn
My favorite word is art because I like to draw. It is fun to create colorful picture. When I draw it is like making a photo of my dreams.

1/6/2011 1:28:13 PM
Solomon , 9 from Washington D.C.
MY favorite word is power rangers because that my favorite show.If I could,I would watch it all day.I love the power rangers.

1/6/2011 1:26:35 PM
emily, 10 from beltsvilll
my favorite word is science because in science we do my thing i love.

1/6/2011 1:29:26 PM
cesar , 10 from beltsville
my favorite word is superpowers. because when I grow up I want to be a superhero.

1/6/2011 1:25:46 PM
chris, 9 from md
MY FAVORITE WORD is family because my family love and they love me bake and they do a lot for me

1/6/2011 1:26:26 PM
Jaqueline, 9 from oldgunpower
My favorite is word friend and teacher that is my word i like saying teacher and friend they help me with my stuff that way i like teacher and friend i love my friend and teacher.

1/6/2011 1:26:26 PM
Naomi, 10 from Virginia
My favorite word is LOVE,because my family shows alot of LOVE to me. Also my other favorite word is SCIENCE because its my favorite subject,and those are all of my favorite words.

1/6/2011 1:27:56 PM
cathy, 9 from Laural
My favorite word is "love" because I love my mom and dad and brother and my 2 family's."LOVE" is an awsome word!

1/6/2011 1:28:53 PM
david , 9 from bearcreek
MY favorite is COOL beause i am a COOL MAN

1/6/2011 1:26:35 PM
allison, 9 from maryland
my favorite word is family because my mom and dad buys me stuff if i get a and b or if i get steat a.

1/6/2011 1:26:27 PM
Kateryn, 10 from laurel
My favorite word is fairness because it means you share and i like sharing and being nice to my family,my teachers,and friends.Fairness means you share and all the people have an even.

1/6/2011 1:26:56 PM
emmanuel, 9 from maryland
my favrite word is toy because i have to many toys

1/6/2011 1:25:44 PM
DeAnna, 10 from Contry
My favorite word is CANDY yep candy its candy because I LOVE CANDY and sometimes I even get HIPPER yep HIPPER but its natural because kids like me love candy so ya thats my favorite word its fun to eat CANDY so who ever is reading this ask yourself DO YOU IKE OR LOVE CANDY?

1/6/2011 1:25:44 PM
trinity, 9 from maryland
my favorite word is family because my family means alot to me.

1/6/2011 1:26:28 PM
jacie, 9 from beltsville
My favorite word is peace because I really want world peace and I want everyone to be peaceful.But there is not that much peace in my house sometimes.But most of the time in my house there is peace.

1/6/2011 1:26:31 PM
Aaron, 10 from Laurel
My favitve work is hardy because I like stuff cool like dalfins jumping up and spinning at the same time

1/6/2011 1:25:39 PM
Jada, 9 from Beltsville
My favorite word is recycle . The reason i like the word recycle is because i feel that everyone should recycle and save the planet from global warming.

1/6/2011 1:26:23 PM
Hana , 10 from Laruel
My Favorite word is Family because it's nice to together with people you love so much.Family is my favorite word because no one can live without their family!

1/6/2011 1:25:51 PM
chelsea, 10 from BELTSVILLE
my favorite CHELSEA

1/6/2011 1:26:29 PM
anthony, 10 from belltsville
my faverite word is cold because i like the cold

12/30/2010 2:06:33 PM
nat, 8 from australia
My favourite word is food. I like food. I like to make food. I like to eat food and I like to share food. Without food we could not live but I like food because it makes life fun

12/14/2010 2:25:27 PM
Amy, 12 from Hutchinson
Inexplicably is my favorite word. I tend to like it because it fits in so many complex situations. Inexplicably my students don't finish their homework. Inexplicably, the dog can't seem to remember to poop outside. I love that word.

11/12/2010 4:11:55 PM
Harish , 7 from Nashua
My favorite word is environment, because it is where we all live. We are all trying to keep it clean and not pollute it. I think everyone should help keep the environment clean by recycling things and not littering. The word environment sounds really cool to me it looks like a hard word. I like to keep my environment clean and happy. How about you?

10/28/2010 10:17:02 PM
jen, 10 from long beach
My favorite word is teacher. I like the word teacher because I have a great teacher.

10/27/2010 9:38:25 PM
Mary, 8 from AL
My favorite word is Daddy because Daddy is so loving and caring and he takes care of me. I love him. Go daddy go!

10/20/2010 12:02:59 PM
Kari, 26 from Grand Forks
Teaching is my favorite word because it is what I do! I feel lucky to have a job where I get to work with kids every day and help them learn!

10/15/2010 12:09:27 PM
Matthew, 9 from lees summit
my faveret word is dinosour becase they lived a long time ago

10/15/2010 12:10:42 PM
JonMarie, 10 from Blue Springs
My favorie word is docter because they help people who either broke something or are really sick.Thats my favorite word.

10/15/2010 12:10:29 PM
Tanner, 9 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is friends.because i have so many of them.i play outside with them,and jump on trampolines with them,i go to worlds of fun with them.and those are some reasons my favorite word is friends.

10/15/2010 11:32:18 AM
Darcy, 8 from chicago
My favorite word is sleep. I love to sleep.

10/15/2010 10:51:43 AM
keilen, 10 from blue spring
my favorite word is red because red is my favorite color.I like the way it is spelled.Thats why i like the word red

10/15/2010 10:41:59 AM
Madison, 10 from Blue Springs,Missouri
My favorite word is Madison, because its my name!I love the way my mom yells it when its time for dinner.I love the way it looks on postcards,letters and my name tag.No.I really have no idea.

10/15/2010 10:33:18 AM
alexandra, 11 from blue springs
My favorite word is kowalwa. Beause i love kowals. thay are so cool.

10/15/2010 10:35:27 AM
keilen, 10 from blue spring
my favorite word is football because i really like football.I learned how to spell football before i learned how to spell my middle name.I have played football seens I was 7.

10/15/2010 10:35:56 AM
Hailey, 11 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is pets because I have alot of pets. At one time I had 22 dogs.

10/15/2010 10:32:17 AM
Kaitlin, 11 from Blue spirngs
My favorit word cats becuase thar sofft and cuddly and nice and they like me

10/15/2010 10:32:21 AM
Danielle, 11 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is animal because I like dogs. Its the best animal ever.

10/15/2010 10:36:09 AM
Alex, 10 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is lego. It is my favorite word because I love legos and they are very creative. I have lots of them they are a way to be more creative

10/15/2010 10:31:10 AM
Logan, 10 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is food because I have lots of favorite foods and you have to have it to survive.

10/15/2010 10:31:52 AM
Jaala, 11 from Blue Springs,MO
My Favorite word is mom because I love my mom. First my mom gave birth to me and she didn't have to. last she loves me back and she cares for me.thats why my favorite word is mom.

10/15/2010 10:31:07 AM
Tyler, 10 from Blue Spring
My favorite word is dogs.Because I have 3 dogs and 1 ran away.i love them and they love me.

10/15/2010 10:31:05 AM
Dorian , 11 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is dad. I like the word dad because i love my dad.When i here the word dad i think of my dad. Ok that was my favorite word.

10/15/2010 10:33:23 AM
cameron, 11 from blue springs
my favorite word is lion because there cool. also they eat meat. and there fast.

10/15/2010 10:33:13 AM
Austin, 10 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is Austin becuase it's my name and i LOVE my name and i like it because it's the capital of a state.

10/15/2010 10:33:45 AM
Kaylie, 10 from blue springs
My favorite word is Kaylie because it is my name. i have always liked my name. that is my favorite word.

10/15/2010 10:32:33 AM
Kaden, 11 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is food bacause food is good.I also like it because there is many different kinds.My favorite food is pizza.

10/15/2010 10:34:22 AM
nakyla, 10 from bluesprings
my favorite word is dude because its funny when i say it.

10/3/2010 12:05:59 PM
Auro, 33 from Coruña
My favourite word is technology because it's a thing that helps me to live better.

10/3/2010 12:02:18 PM
Auro, 33 from Coruña
My favourite word is butterfly because you can learn three words at the same time: butter, fly and butterfly, of course!

10/1/2010 12:30:54 PM
kyle horton, 8 from lees summit
now i think that the people who run the show will keep on asking people what is there favorite.and the people thay ask will tell them what there favorite word a teacher.

10/1/2010 12:20:01 PM
Taylor, 8 from Lee's Summit, MO
My favorite word is fluffy.I like the word fluffy because i love to pet fluffy dogs.

10/1/2010 11:51:02 AM
jaden, 11 from lees summit
my most favorate word wold half to be quinse i dont know what it means.but ever sence my cusins said it istarted saing it.and thats my favorate word

10/1/2010 11:50:48 AM
sierra, 11 from lee's summit
my favorite word is special. it makes it specail because when i say that i feel really good and when im sad and then say that it makes me feel happpy! it doesnt have to do with a hobby or skill it is because my mom always saids that im special and gods special gift! that is why special is my favorite word!

10/1/2010 11:47:37 AM
dylan, 10 from leessummit
my favorite word is joyus. It is cool. I am joyus today.

10/1/2010 11:38:08 AM
Danielle, 10 from lee's summit
My favorite word is animals.It's my favorite word because I think they're interesting to learn about.Also,I have a cat and I love him and care for him.I love their fuzzy fur.That's why my favorite word is animals!

10/1/2010 11:36:58 AM
Zaine, 10 from lakewood
My favorite word is animals. Because I love how they look.I also love to inspect them. But fist things first I love reptiles, especially dinosaures and dragons. And that's my favorite word.

10/1/2010 11:38:00 AM
Taryn Rae, 10 from Omaha,Nebraska
My favorite word is doggies because first it sounds much better than dogs u see and because dogs are my favorite pets because u can do alot with ur dog u can take a walk u can test out ur responcibleity and everything plus there sooo CUTE.

10/1/2010 11:36:50 AM
kelsey, 10 from Lee's Summit, MO
My favorite word is supercalifragilisticexpealidoucious. I like it because it is long and sounds fun. Also it has no specific meaning. It is a great word that i love. I also like to spell it. I am almost the only one in the school who can spell it. That is my favorite word.

10/1/2010 11:31:15 AM
Emma, 10 from Lee's Summit
My favorite word is friends because it makes me feel happy. My friends are nice to me and help me when I need help. Daisy and Princess,my grandma's dogs, cheer me up.Friends is a happy sounding word and I like playing with my friends.

10/1/2010 11:25:06 AM
Michael T., 11 from Lee Summit
My favorite word is favorite because favorite means that you like lots of things and you like thigs that is why my favorite word is favorite.

10/1/2010 11:07:27 AM

10/1/2010 11:04:29 AM
Brett , 10 from cle
my favorite word is sports cause i play alot of sports like baseball,basketball and i hope next year i can play football. that is why sports is my favorite word

10/1/2010 11:00:21 AM
corie (girl), 9 from lees summit
my favorite word is love becase love is a realy strong word to some people it nice to shorta

10/1/2010 11:02:00 AM
Daniel, 9 from CLE
My favorite word is crud, because it sounds funny.

10/1/2010 10:47:26 AM
haden, 10 from lee's summet
my forite word is sports becuase i play basketball,baseball and football.My favorite is starting to be football.It was basketball but now it is football

10/1/2010 10:46:56 AM
Spencer, 9 from Lee Sumit
My favorit word is me because I like me and me is me

10/1/2010 10:42:59 AM
sarah , 9 from lee's summit
my favorite word is animals because i have twenty animals. ten fish,two snails,two crawdads,two frogs,two turtles,one dog,and one cat

10/1/2010 10:48:09 AM
zeeshan , 9 from pakistan
My favorite word is muslim, because I was born in a generation of lots and lots of muslims. I like to be a muslim because I think that muslim rules are fare and easy to follow once you get to know them.

10/1/2010 10:42:32 AM
isis, 9 from mo
My favorte word is family because nobody takes as good of care me as my family. they comfort me, help me when i need them to and also support me and my ideas.

9/28/2010 10:35:59 PM
Amanda, 12 from Hervey Bay
My favourite word id determination because it's what you need to never ever give up

9/28/2010 11:40:33 AM
Tom, 12 from Casper
violet i like the color

9/23/2010 1:30:20 AM
joe, 11 from eureka

9/22/2010 10:09:11 AM
Joe , 8 from Hoover
My favorite word is otter. I like it because I love animals. Otters are playful and funny.

9/21/2010 12:18:42 AM
My favourite word is gold coast because we can have fun.

9/20/2010 11:01:50 PM
Jungmin, 9 from Sydney
My favourite word is famliy because I have big family. When I was 2 my mum and dad worked so my grandma and grandpa looked after me. My famliy always travels around and I like it.

9/16/2010 11:28:20 AM
Michele, 10 from Houston
I like "schnauzer." It reminds me of my dog's whiskers and beard.

9/15/2010 4:52:47 PM
Rebecca, 12 from Gilford
I the 2 words "cellar door". Don't they sound pretty?

8/18/2010 10:03:14 AM
Carrie, 9 from Wilder
my favorite word is dog because i love dogs. my favorite dogs in the world are Max Daisy Emma and Nick.

6/20/2010 8:37:47 PM
Andrea, 11 from Monrovia
My favorite word is amazing because when you see someone doing something cool you say amazing. If you see something cool it's amazing. I'm a pretty amazing person because I'm an amazing singer and artist. Wordgirl is also an amazing superhero.

6/13/2010 2:02:57 PM
Kathleen , Ol from Fall River, MA
My favooooorite word is food. Why do I like this word? Well it is a favorite of my Husband even though he does not realize it. But I like to use this word to describe the foods that I make for me and my husband. I especially like vegetables,the "green" vegetables, like lettuce, cucumbers, and green beans. I think we will have some vegetables at supper.

5/27/2010 12:12:43 PM
Lauren, 8 from Portland Ct
My favorite word is Lauren because it is my name and it is a nice name I love the name LAUREN it is awesome

5/26/2010 12:12:03 PM
Bryan, 8 from Portland,CT
My favorite word is baseball because i play it on a big feild.

5/8/2010 8:50:24 AM
Hannah, 5 from Amesbury, MA
My favorite word is dog because I like dogs. I like petting them because I have two dogs. And I just like playing with them and their names are Lucy and Rudy and they are really fun.

4/23/2010 2:10:54 PM
zack, 9 from Portland
My favorite word is penut beacause it is brown and cute

4/23/2010 2:10:52 PM
Michael, 8 from Portland
My favorite letter is m because my name strats with m

4/7/2010 12:11:26 PM
rache, 7 from portland
my favorite word is vacation because it is really really fun to do or go on.

2/4/2010 8:27:51 PM

1/5/2010 12:49:16 PM
timothy, 10 from lewisvill
my favorite word is food. becase i love to eat and i love to say food

10/6/2009 6:48:18 AM
Jesse, 9 from Newton
My favorite word is Dog because I see a lot of different dogs

9/22/2009 11:35:08 AM
melissa, 8 from math
my fovorite word is dogs.

9/14/2009 4:27:53 PM
Lily, 7 from Lincoln,RI
food, because I like to eat alot. I like healthy food, and i LIKE Snacks.

9/10/2009 12:14:27 PM
celia, 10 from North Fort Myers
My favorite word is chocolate.I like chocolate because I like the sound and I like that its brown and smooth.I also like to eat it.Oh and mt favorite chocolate bar is Snickers bar.

9/10/2009 12:05:06 PM
sam, 11 from North Fort Myers
My favorite word is clumsey because it describes me. Being clumsey makes people laugh most of the time. Sometimes it even makes me laugh.Being able to laugh at yourself is a good quality.

9/10/2009 11:56:59 AM
celia, 10 from North Fort Myers
My favorite word is chocolate because chocolate is smooth and brown and I love to eat it!

9/9/2009 11:20:10 AM
aaron, 4 from eaststroudsburg
my self i like truck

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