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Flex your writing muscles and test your super colossal vocabulary powers with WordGirl!

In this segment Lady Redundant Woman explains her super powers. More importantly, she reveals her plans to overthrow her boss, Dave so she can become "Copy Shop Manager" - for life.

Writing Challenge!
Lady Redundant Woman thinks the key to getting in charge at her copy shop is to decorate her unfinished, or incomplete, break room. Write a paragraph about how you think she should change it. Be sure to consider what other Copy Shop employees may like. Remember, she is trying to win over her co-workers. Also, include details on why your changes would change the break room from unfinished to finished, or complete.

Some things to think about before you begin:
Be sure to notice the details of Lady Redundant Woman's break room. What do you like? Think about what makes it unfinished. What would make it complete?

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Educational Standards
  • R:LT:2:2.1: Making logical predictions EXAMPLE: What might happen next?
  • R:LT:3:2.1: Making logical predictions
  • R:LT:4:2.1: Making logical predictions
  • R:LT:5:2.1: Making logical predictions EXAMPLE: “Which event is most likely to happen next?”
  • R:V:1-3:2.1: Identifying synonyms and antonyms to connect new words to known words
  • W:EW:1-5:2.6: Extending and elaborating ideas with purpose
  • W:EW:3:2.1: Using details
  • W:HW:3-5:2.2: Sharing thoughts, observations, or impressions
  • W:IW:1-5:1.1: Sorting and classifying facts
10/16/2015 8:28:33 PM
darren, 13 from utah
spin fast

10/3/2015 9:30:35 PM
PARSA, 1 from Edison
being happy is the most important thing ever in anyone life in a good way

3/25/2015 10:30:07 AM
chloe, 11 from bristol
Lady Redundant should change her work room around by putting a microwave in it. She could also add chairs in it and also she could add a refrigearator.She could paint the walls.Then she could put her desk in it that has all of her supplies in and on it.Last she would put out donuts and water and maybe very hot tea. she will make her employes fill welcome. That is how Lady Redundant fixed up her work shop. THE END

12/12/2014 1:35:24 PM
Carlsen, 11 from Bristol
I think,it would be a good idea to go to New York! WOW WOW!!!! Word Girl to the recto!!!!!!What are you up NOW???You can not catch me now Word Girl!!''Yes I can!' 'said Word Girl''NO you can't!!!''

12/5/2014 1:33:14 PM
Carlsen, 11 from Bristol
I wont to go to New York!!!Wait no, I wont to go to

9/30/2014 4:27:45 PM
paige , 9 from new york city ny
she would like potatoes and give them to her emplyees

9/16/2014 4:03:04 PM
test, 12 from test
Lady Redundant will paint the room a bright color so the employees will feel motivated. She will have a place for coffee and donuts.

2/19/2014 3:18:35 PM
Tina, 12 from Pendleton
I think she needs to decorate her copy room with lots of colorful posters. She also needs to have a coffee maker and lots of snacks so that the employees can enjoy some food on their break. That's about all!

2/18/2014 2:27:15 PM
Japan :3, ?? from Art
Decorate a break room? That shouldn't mean you get to be manager. It's how you work, not your style. It's like adults always say, never judge a book by it's cover, which is technically is the situation here. I'm just spreading my words!

2/15/2014 4:44:05 PM
imaginee, 10 from marietta gerga
I think lady Redundant should change her break room around by putting a microwave, refrigerator and a table also a sofa just in case anyone wants to sit down talking on their phone. lady Redundant should rent a break room so she wont have to decorate one herself.

2/6/2014 11:12:29 AM
Yerania Torres, 9 from Florida FT Pirce
The show is about the redundant lady that want to the boss because.

2/4/2014 11:16:05 AM
juliana, 9 from Florida
I would make my brake room awesome with stuff like a chair or a futon.

1/29/2014 11:20:18 AM
anthony, 9 from florida
to look like a fancy mansion

12/24/2013 7:30:21 AM
Brooklyn, 8 from Gainsville
Oh my she has another plan that's not good let's go tell Word Girl.

12/13/2013 11:35:27 PM
donna, 10 from nyc
well i think a good break room would have a sofa that doesn't have wholes in it.and good coffee fresh every day.and maybe a small but not tiny tv.a table of course ,and maybe cable.and a minnie fridg always stalked with goodies like chicken and pasta salad things like that.and a new paint job would be nice ,a nice shade of light blue.and better lighting like those lights you see in resturant's. last but not least the door should be made with a nice dark wood , and the nob won't be a turn nob, it would be a push down nob.

12/8/2013 9:42:04 AM
ava, 9 from sylva
lady redundant is so mean when she drinks coffie.

10/30/2013 9:09:02 PM
dayana, 11 from stewartstown
one day a girl was walking in the woods and a boy was all alone and they both met that very same day and they became very very very very very good friend for ever best friends foever

10/30/2013 1:50:37 AM
fatou, 11 from canda
One day a girl was walking in the woods.Then he saw a lonely boy.She asked him why is he lonely.Then he said had no friends.Then the girl said i will be your friend.And they played all day.

10/15/2013 6:17:56 PM
JaCee, 8 from pickstown
I love horses, catle country

9/28/2013 2:26:57 PM
robin , 11 from ohio
the old lady in that shpow like to drik she dont like to do nothin eles but just drink and wach the other people do what they want to and she think that she dont have to nothin nut waach the other people do there work

11/6/2012 6:48:29 AM
Kevin , 13 from New London
Lady redundant woman is making an army of evil copies of herself.

1/11/2012 4:59:52 PM
Barbara , 11 from Owensboro
Lady Redundant Woman doesn't realize that she does not have good decoratiing taste. She decides to paint all the walls in tiny black and white strips. This makes all the employees sick and therefore they cannot work. She gets fired instead of a promotion.

9/9/2011 3:08:34 PM
Allison, 8 from Garland
The lady wants to make the best breakroom in the whole entire city.

5/12/2011 12:26:11 PM
gvdhxsagbxh, 93 from gdygshg
She would rebuild it into a stue of herself. Her workers would look exactly like her.

10/20/2010 4:03:58 PM
isis, 10 from Lees Summit
something that I think will make it finshed probley a t.v., a fridge, and a foutone

10/20/2010 10:48:46 AM
lilly, 55 from mississsippi
she sould be kind and consiterit and do other peoples plans

10/15/2010 12:25:49 PM
Amanda, 10 from bluesprings
Lady Redudant women whats to be in charge of the coping shop so she is thinking of a evil skeem.Copy girl has 1 superpower and that is to make two of her.She is an evil girl.It does talk about wordgirl only ones and that was at the beginning of the story but it did not acashly show her.That is my writing about the evil copy girl.

10/15/2010 12:15:33 PM
Ashley, 9 from BLUESPRINGS
I think she shood chang it by paint it,get a new couch and that will be all I have to say.

10/15/2010 12:23:46 PM
JonMarie, 10 from Blue Springs
I think she should redecorate the break room and I think her co workers will like it.

10/15/2010 12:23:59 PM
Tanner, 9 from Blue Springs
She should redecorate her break room.With more fernitcher,and more style,I think her room is so ugly.

10/15/2010 11:25:56 AM
Ana, 8 from Mo
The story was about the villan and she wanted to be the manger and so she going to make a copy of her self and so she can be manger and word girl is going to stop her.

10/15/2010 11:27:22 AM
cadind, 8 from mo
the story was about she wants to be the bass for life. she thinks that she is a wandorful villin bcause she ascapet word make the story complete the story i think that the villin is going to get cot by wor d girl.

10/15/2010 11:32:24 AM
raylee, 8 from blue springs
all she wanted to do was to be copy shop manager and she wanted to take over word girl, what would she have to do with anything?

10/15/2010 11:24:50 AM
mahquiya, 9 from Blue spirngs
I thank that she needs to get reed of the sof and clean the place.She also needs to not be so evil some times. Do you want to know what I thank ,I thank she is mean!

10/15/2010 11:25:36 AM

10/15/2010 11:25:17 AM
kayla, 8 from bluesprings
the girl in this storey whats to be the manger but the uthers did not let her becuse they think shes mean.

10/15/2010 11:24:39 AM
dylan , 8 from blue springs
She needs a new coch.A futon.And curtins.

10/15/2010 11:25:26 AM
Dezi, 9 from Blue Springs MO
I love this show

10/15/2010 10:56:26 AM
andrew, 11 from blue springs
i think she should get a new couch that maches the room.then she should get carpet that doesnt have stains.then get a new cofee machine for her co workers.

10/15/2010 10:46:09 AM
kaylie, 10 from blue springs
The womans break room had a coach. and a lot of papers all over the room. Also i like how the girls where fighting.

10/15/2010 10:40:17 AM
Isai , 10 from Blue Springs
My favorite word is frog because that is my favorite animal .I like the tree frogs . Plus there green.

10/1/2010 12:30:18 PM
Taylor, 8 from Lee's Summit, MO
I think Lady Reduntant Women should paint her walls pink.I also think she should paint her coach.

10/1/2010 12:28:44 PM
Luke, 9 from Lee sumit
i think she is the only vilin that got away.the only one that could beat word girl.and clone herself.

10/1/2010 12:16:53 PM
Lauren, 9 from Lee's Summit
If I was a evil and people looked like me I would make sure they would talk nomral not robot. Aslo, make them unice not the same.But the best maker in the world.Besides Lady Redundant is mean she is not even created.I what it would be like if she was created????????? ;

10/1/2010 12:11:52 PM
Laney, 8 from LEE'S SUMMIT
After saying her plan i think word girl is going to stop her.And word girl is going to capture her.She is not going to run the shop.

10/1/2010 12:20:52 PM
sophia, 8 from lee sumet
Im thinking word girl will safe the day by ceaching her and seend her to jail.But she might ascape but we all know Word girl never let us down.

10/1/2010 12:11:51 PM
madison , 8 from lee's summit
I think she wont get the maniger job.I also think word girl will stop her.

10/1/2010 11:53:28 AM
Micheal T., 11 from Lee Summit
Well she cuold make more copies of her self and then she could say help me decorate this room

10/1/2010 11:46:08 AM
Brianna, 10 from kansas
I think she should in aflat screen tv and and maybe a radio and a better couch and table also id mke it feel like im a home.

10/1/2010 11:30:53 AM
Brianna, 10 from kansas
my super evil villian is called....Tornado girl. Tornado girl turns in to a tornado and she destroys everything she sees when shes mad .when shes not Tornado girl her hair is brown with carmal highlights she is not that tall.and she is very strange at scool so she has only one friend .

10/1/2010 11:37:22 AM
mike, 9 from mu
one day a man deffets word girl and makes every body do what he says

10/1/2010 10:58:53 AM
Sarah , 9 from Lee's Summit, MO
One day I saw a boy who did not finish his homework.So I asked if he needed help and he said NO!.But I also said you know its do today,Right?. He said [I know].But then he rushed through his homework and turned it in but then he had messy handwriting,bad spelling,and never put his name on it and got in troble and he had to stat all over again.

10/1/2010 10:47:18 AM

10/1/2010 10:50:53 AM
zachary, 9 from Lees Summit
the couch,walls,and the table.

10/1/2010 10:47:44 AM
isis, 9 from Lees Summit
I think i would make clones of my self to help me do my chores.

9/30/2010 11:18:51 AM
Jason, 9 from chicago
she should put more color.

4/7/2010 11:24:22 AM
Lauren, 8 from Portland
I would call my coffee shop THIS COFFEE IS THE BEST they should put clear floor instede and they should they should put a big coffee hanging from the celing and whenever she comes in th coffee cup falls on her and there will be 900 pounds of coffee in it

4/7/2010 11:24:31 AM
rachel, 7 from `portland
I think she should have a lime green wall. A refrigerater with all the foods and all the drinks.She will like her room.

4/6/2010 1:18:42 PM
Alicia, 7 from Portland
I think she should put a disco ball in her room. Her room should be purple and pink mixed together, a water bed and a refreigurater that has all her favorite foods. ( candy,sodaand popcorn.)

4/6/2010 12:15:29 PM
Clara, 7 from Portland
My shop is called BEST COFY in the WORLD!!! It looks like a huge billding in Now York City.

4/6/2010 12:15:29 PM
Clara, 7 from Portland
My shop is called BEST COFY in the WORLD!!! It looks like a huge billding in Now York City.

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