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In this clip we learn that stroll is another word for walk. There are lots of other words that can be used instead of walk! Words that have the same meaning are called synonyms (sin-o-nims).

Here are some more synonyms for WALK:
  • Amble – to walk along taking your time.
    Example: It was a nice sunny day so I ambled along the path enjoying the warm sun!
  • March – to walk strongly with purpose!
    Example: I was so angry that I marched right up to my sister and told her to leave my things alone!
  • Trudge – to walk very slowly and heavily
    Example: I had to trudge through the snow and mud to get to the house.
Some other synonyms for walk are strut, meander, wander, plod, and tramp.

Writing Challenge!
Write a paragraph that describes a walk you have taken and use one or more synonym for walk in your paragraph!

Some things to think about before you begin:
Where did you walk? Was it in the woods, in the city, at school, in your neighborhood? Why were you walking there? Were you going someplace, were you walking because you like to walk? What was the walk like? Can you describe the walk? Were you alone? What did you see? What did you hear? Stroll on down to the writing challenge box and tell us about your walk!

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Educational Standards
  • R:V:1-3:2.1: Identifying synonyms and antonyms to connect new words to known words
  • R:V:4-5:2.1: Identifying synonyms, antonyms, homonyms/ homophones, or shades of meaning
  • W:EW:1-4:2.5: Writing about observations and experiences
  • W:HW:3-5:2.2: Sharing thoughts, observations, or impressions
1/11/2017 6:53:10 PM
wade, 9 from sorrento
I walked through the city.I was with my dog and my mom and dad.I heard A lot! of cars.We took the dog to the park for a stroll.Then we had ice cream!

6/24/2016 7:44:20 PM
Genesis, 8 from Brockton
One day I walked to school when I stumbled upon a squirrel when I was almost got to the end of the road. I got nervous and continued my stroll. when I got my BFF Moneera.When she asked how my amble went I told her splendid!

4/25/2016 12:48:34 PM
James, 11 from Oshawa, Ontario
four years ago I went for a run along the beach side in Florida.

10/3/2015 9:29:15 PM
PARSA, 1 from Edison

3/25/2015 10:41:17 AM
Kaylee , 10 from Brist
In FL beach, the sand felt soft on my toes, the waves were crashing on the silky sand, and I was having a blast. It was in the city of course where else would it have been. I was on a secret mission, it was very hard to get past my parents bedroom, they are still grunting. My mission was to go to the laser park without sounding the alarms. I got there very quickly, because I ran for my life. Until, I heard a noise in the tree above my head. I looked up, and then Word girl jumped on my head. She said'' sorry I thought you were a evil villain. In the end she asked me why I was walking. I told her I wanted to go to a laser park, She boomed ''really ''.Word girl walked me home and told me she would take me to a laser park someday. Maybe someday ,yeah!

12/10/2014 11:10:47 AM
emerson, 10 from bristol, VA
the bees buzz in my ear. I can smell the flowers almost about making me sneeze. I hear so many people voices in my ear, and when I finally get home I rest my feet.

10/18/2014 5:02:10 PM
sarah, 7 from bolton
i walked in the wood it qas samll it was big

9/30/2014 4:15:59 PM
julia, 12 from bristol
I was walking when I saw a bear

2/27/2014 11:52:59 AM
kaylana, 14 from wilson
I like to amble through the park on sunny days. On the weekends I take a stretch with my pet dog. On the weekdays we run around the park and then have a little picnic when were done. I've been doing this for some weeks now but I try not to do it every week so we do it every other week and weekends.

2/5/2014 11:16:37 AM
zaiyanna, 10 from fl
I like to stroll with my friends to the park or the store its fun really fun for me. And my friends

1/30/2014 2:24:08 PM
Denica, 10 from VA
When I took a walk it was in my neighborhood.The reason why I was walking there was because I like to walk.The walk was a wonderful walk. My aunt walked with me through the neighborhood. I saw dogs,cats,and other things.I heard the birds cherpping,dogs barking,and cats meowing.

1/29/2014 11:32:37 AM
edjouline , 10 from fort pirst
THIS SHOW IS ABOUT, AMILLY GOT THE word stoll right then the nest show she got the bonst wong.

1/29/2014 11:13:22 AM
zaiyanna, 10 from fl
when I walk I walk in the park with my friends I like it because we hang out and talk to each other and sometimes we stroll in the woods not only we walk in the park and the woods and sometime we stroll to the store and we love taking stroll with each other.

1/28/2014 11:35:15 AM

1/28/2014 11:32:19 AM
antwan, 9 from fort perice
one time me and my brother took a walk to the store we walked like a lion getting ready to abush it's prey

1/28/2014 11:27:03 AM
FARAH, 9 from weatherbee

1/15/2014 3:30:09 PM
angellyna , 11 from sleepy hollow
my favorite word is move

1/15/2014 11:54:17 AM
madison, 7 from mcloud
supersmart man hes smart

1/15/2014 11:46:26 AM
malachi, 8 from mcloud
hi i am malachi and i would be your freind but my favorite person is superman word girl and others good bye

1/13/2014 3:37:09 PM
madison, 10 from newalla
May i have a word is a great show! i love the word stroll

1/13/2014 3:31:32 PM
rylan, 9 from mcloud
iv'e taking a walk to an airplane and i got to see airplanes fly by

1/12/2014 2:32:49 PM
elani, 11 from california
ive tooken a walk using alot of synonyms i use a lot of synonyms in my life and when i use them i make sure that i use them right thanks for listening to what i have to say or write wait i used a synonym cool

12/6/2013 2:38:54 PM
Isaiah, 10 from Bristol
I was walking beside my house yesterday . I was walking because I just felt like it . When I was wandering around my friend was right beside me . I was telling him lots of jokes to him . I had lots of fun when I was strolling around with my friend.

12/6/2013 2:20:59 PM
Isaiah, 10 from Bristol
I was walking beside my house yesterday . I was walking because I just felt like it . When I was wandering around my friend was right beside me . I was telling him lots of jokes to him . I had lots of fun when I was strolling around with my friend.

12/5/2013 3:26:35 PM
hannah, 12 from saskatoon sask
when i go for walks i go down to the river where it is very beautiful down there and i get to see the river and the sun shining in the summer. in the winter i dont go on walks that much because it is very cold sometimes tempuatures of -42 yueah thats it

11/29/2013 4:25:42 PM

11/8/2013 1:25:20 PM
Trinity, 10 from mcloud
i was walking to the woods.i wanted to see cool and noisie.i was not alone.i saw a deer.i heard a lion.

10/31/2013 1:43:59 PM
emily, 11 from shawnee
I walked to my neighbors house. I was in my neighborhood when i was strolling. I was walking there because i wanted to see if we could play. I was walking because walking was calling my name. The walk was sorta slow. I can not describe the walk. I was alone. I saw a dog chasing another dog. I heard kids playing.

10/31/2013 1:43:13 PM
Lexie, 11 from Mcloud
A walk is to move at a normal pace

10/28/2013 12:55:25 PM
forest , 84 from mcloud
One time I walked all around my grandma's street, and I discovered a big giant ditch. It was beautiful, and huge, almost like a mini forest.

10/28/2013 12:51:24 PM
kenzie, 12 from mcloud
I once took a walk through my neighborhood i was with my little sister I love to walk around and i take my sister with me because she looks up to me because I'm her big sister so I let her walk with me so she can have exercise two

10/25/2013 1:08:10 PM
cole, 13 from brown
i was walking and fast waliking along

10/24/2013 1:37:06 PM
Anyssa, 10 from Mcloud
I like to walk to school because its gives you more energy and work very hard and walk home to.

10/24/2013 12:48:50 PM
Mason, 13 from McLoud, OK
When i was walking through the woods i saw a little deer and its mother walking near a pond.

10/24/2013 12:45:02 PM
ryane, 11 from mcould
my favorite word is cookies ,because they are so good because they good for a snack

10/24/2013 12:42:43 PM
oscar, 12 from mcloud
to walk a long

10/23/2013 12:48:29 PM

10/22/2013 1:59:47 PM
justice, 10 from mcloud

10/22/2013 1:34:26 PM
haley , 10 from Anderso
One day my friend and I went to the park for a stroll on the path. While we were ambling along, we saw some ducks. after we we march from the ducks we want to the swing. we walked anode the park and we had fun.

10/22/2013 1:34:26 PM
haley , 10 from Anderso
One day my friend and I went to the park for a stroll on the path. While we were ambling along, we saw some ducks. after we we march from the ducks we want to the swing. we walked anode the park and we had fun.

10/22/2013 1:36:18 PM
sarah , 11 from Mcloud
it was weird to me because she was talking for a long time.

10/22/2013 12:59:49 PM
charlotte, 11 from mcloud
i take walks from school to home. it is through a forest with a lot of wildlife. some times , animals follow me home.

10/22/2013 12:50:21 PM
Megan, 12 from McLoud
One time I took a stroll down the beach. In Florida. I saw A lot of different animals. Like seagulls.

10/22/2013 12:50:22 PM
peyton, 11 from McLoud, Oklahoma
When i walked i walk with my friends .

10/22/2013 12:45:59 PM
alano, 12 from mcloud
i was walking to a store for some toys it was peaceful and i was with my borther the end

10/21/2013 3:27:51 PM
breanna, 9 from lagranan
hi my name is breanna p. put you a call breanna

10/21/2013 1:51:10 PM
kayla, 10 from Mcloud
One day I went on a march. I was with my mom and dad. We were strolling through the park. We saw a bird and a kitten. I heard a canary singing to me.I hope we can go on a stroll again really soon.

10/21/2013 1:50:09 PM

10/21/2013 1:40:40 PM
It make me feel good.I can get frase air when I go out side.It is so good to walk out side good acstrusize

10/21/2013 1:42:10 PM
brice, 11 from mcloud
that made me as sleepy has a bear at herniation season

10/21/2013 1:36:31 PM
austin, 11 from mcloud
im batman

10/21/2013 1:34:22 PM
Robert, 10 from mcloud
stroll it is the thing

10/21/2013 12:53:57 PM
Zane, 11 from Mcloud
One time my mom took me to the park to have fun. I walked over to the volleyball court and, played with my mom. She was like a seal with a ball i got serve. Then i decided to amble along the walkway around the park. I saw a bird glide from a tree to snatch a worm. At the lake my mom were having lunch but, when i look over the water my mum pushed me into the water with a splash. I trudge through the water and grabbed my mom's hand and tugged here into the water. Also i got out my scooter and took a little stroll with my scooter. Then we took out the bread then fed it to the ducks. It was time to go so i marched to the car and drove off.

10/21/2013 12:59:36 PM
Kassidy, 11 from Mcloud,OK
One day I went to the zoo with my mom and dad. We walked around, but then we got very tired so we strolled around the park. There were lots of people running by us, so we felt bad. We eventually got our speed back and walked our usual fast walk.

10/21/2013 12:49:25 PM
Shane, 14 from Mcloud
I've have walked in the park and I've could've died as long as i walked.

10/19/2013 9:35:08 PM
laterica, 12 from the design cycle
i have taken a walk a long long time a go with my family

10/13/2013 5:21:35 PM
ashley, 9 from united states
to find the maening of srcoll . the answer was number 1 to walk along taking your time or going slowly

8/27/2013 3:29:26 PM
alex, 9 from eustis
im on a stroll

8/25/2013 11:11:18 PM

5/16/2013 2:44:42 PM
matthew, 13 from saint George
I was on a stroll at the beach it was peaceful out the waves coming in it was quite it was the best walk ever I hope to take it again someday I loved it. it was awsome I was by my self when I go again I want to take my friend with me.

4/21/2013 12:25:08 PM
sudeshna, 8 from pembroke
It was a cold and windy day of 40 degrees. But my parents notice? No they did not. It was my birthday and I was turning 9. They said they were taking me swimming. I let out a sigh and slowly walked over to my sneakers. I pulled them on. I put on my jacket and got into the car. After a couple of hours... HA! It was 3 hours 43 min. and 18 seconds and a half second. How do I know? I counted! That's how! Anyway... after a couple of hours we pulled up at a swimming club. Swimming was not the only thing they had. They also had ping pong, basket ball, soccer, a running coarse, a work out room and tons of other stuff. We got in there and I was surprised to see all of my friends there. I walked up to my dad just in time to see him hold out a check of 250$ to the cashier! I did not say a word. Just then a young woman with a nametag marked Rosamond came up to me and my father told me to go with her. She led me to a warm pool. My friends were already there. And it was not just any pool! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pool filled with gold fish and all the other pet fish you might have. The bottom had real sand from the sea! It was the best thing I had witnessed in my life! I pulled on my swimming gear and dived in! At the bottom I also saw, clams, seaweed and coral of all colors! My feet touched the sandy bottom as I ambled along wandering down in the world of the sea. My friends joined me in my wonderland and they all saw the wonders that I saw. It was my best birthday ever.

11/8/2012 1:32:14 PM
eddie, 99 from terry
i took a stroll in the park it was very fun

11/8/2012 1:32:37 PM
molly, 9 from sorrento
i walked in the woodsssssssssssssssssssssssss because it is very peaceful........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/8/2012 1:13:42 PM
alexis, 10 from floria
strolling means when someone is strolling someone is taking there time at walking.

11/6/2012 1:13:10 PM
molly, 9 from sorrento
i was walking in the woods today

5/21/2012 3:09:39 PM
Secret, 5 from Washington DC
One day i went for a walk around my house. It was mid June and the stroll was so tiring even if it lasted just 3 min. That small stroll felt like a 3 mile hike! I am never doing that again.

4/17/2012 3:42:59 PM
Melissa, 10 from Chicago
When ever my mom did not know how to drive my sister, mom and me had to walk and the days were hot.

3/22/2012 2:50:59 PM
emma, 9 from york
One time I was taking a amble in the sun and boy did it get hot. It was like 90 degress. But I found a dog. Did I mention I was with my sister so we took the dog home with us. It was hot but we had fun.

2/8/2012 8:08:24 PM
jazzy, 8 from port huron
i have took a very long walk before to the park i went there because i was bored it was coldi was with tori my friend i herd birds i saw trees

2/6/2012 7:22:55 PM
Kate, 9 from NY
I went for a stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

11/14/2011 7:53:26 PM

11/7/2011 6:06:21 PM
Kylie, 7 from Quincy
walk means emmliy walk means to run slowly

9/2/2011 4:17:51 PM
Anna, 7 from Blue springs
I walked in my Naborhood. And i walk to my school.I like to walk to my school becuse i get to play on the play grownd.

5/12/2011 12:19:31 PM
chandler, 9 from Texas
storll-to walk slowly.

5/12/2011 9:23:54 AM
brodie, 11 from waterview

3/14/2011 10:44:23 AM
Lindsay, 9 from Rogers
I walk around my neighborhood with my dog Annie. I am walking for exercise. The walk was very peaceful.

3/14/2011 10:38:17 AM
emma, 8 from rogers
where:bike trail why:fun going:nowhere like:boring alone:no see:a trail hear:birds

3/14/2011 10:40:01 AM
Keren , 8 from Rogers , AR
I have walked a 2 mile walk in flordia with my mom.

3/14/2011 10:32:18 AM
Alexa , 9 from Rogers
She needs to stop taking.

3/14/2011 10:29:20 AM
marcus, 8 from rogers
i love to sroll

3/14/2011 10:23:50 AM
thomas, 9 from rogers,ar
my favorite walk was when i went on a walk in the woods because i saw a deer

3/14/2011 10:25:04 AM
andrew, 9 from robinson park
my faviorite word is bubbles cause i whould have a short life and go to heaven

3/14/2011 9:58:18 AM
ben, 8 from tonw

10/15/2010 11:31:23 AM
abby, 8 from blue springs
i was walking to school to play was boring.i wish i had more fun

10/15/2010 11:28:42 AM
jorge, 8 from blue spring
they wer playing maye i have a werd imily was wining but she lost one

10/15/2010 10:41:30 AM
cameron, 11 from blue springs

10/15/2010 10:36:29 AM
nakyla, 10 from bluesprings
taking a walk alon in a park or you can really get your thoughts out.

10/1/2010 12:25:11 PM
kyle , 8 from lees summit
i think that the guy in the middle will win. and it was cinda of a i think that the guy on the side thaught.

10/1/2010 11:46:06 AM
Zaine, 10 from lakewood
One time me my mom and sisters went for a walk to the lake. First we went down are sreet and then another one and then turned. OHHH I ...

10/1/2010 11:40:09 AM
katia, 10 from lakwood
I have stroled to the park with my sister before.we also amble.that meens we took our time by the time we got ther me and my sister wher started skiping.and wen we wer gowing to back our hous we wer trudgeing.

10/1/2010 11:46:39 AM
kelsey, 10 from Lee's Summit, MO
I took a stroll to school. my dad and i drove to price chopper and we walked the rest of the way to CLE. We saw trees and sonic. we also saw the bank and the car wash. I liked my walk to school with my dad.

10/1/2010 11:38:54 AM
Micheal T., 11 from Lee Summit
i walked around the neigborhood. i was walking their because i wanted some fresh air. i was walking back home for dinner.i like to walk alot. the walk was beutiful.

10/1/2010 11:29:12 AM
Taryn Rae, 10 from Omaha,Nebraska
One time in the summer when i was with my dada me and my sister Syerra was walking to Hy-Vee because Hy-Vee was right by his house,anyways its was a dirty walk.We had to walk in wet ichy or snow filled grass and we had to jump over mud puddles and they were big mud puddle.Well one time my sister was trying to jump over one but she jumped in one WITH HER NEW SHOES!!.So we had to walk all the way back home then walk all the way back to price chopper

10/1/2010 10:54:50 AM
zeeshan, 9 from Pakistan
When my grandparents came over to Pakistan, me, my dad, my sister, my granpa and grandma strolled really long walks around the neighborhood. me, my brother and my sister would pick up different kind of rocks while we walked with everyone else.

9/21/2010 5:33:23 PM
Nick, 9 from Leesburg
One day I took a stroll to the pool. I saw a dog in somebody's backyard. He was black and white and really big. He was barking at me. I spoke to the dog, but he didn't bark back so I ambled to the park. Then I saw children at the playground. They were swinging and sliding. I kept trudging to the pool. I was near the street and almost to the pool. Finally I crossed the street and I made it to the pool.

9/20/2010 2:29:58 PM
ray, 13 from O
I have taken a long walk on a hot summer day. I walked to the grocery, the post office, and the library. I got a lot of books and could not carry them all home.

5/27/2010 12:16:06 PM
lauren, 8 from portland ct
I was walking in my naborhood

4/23/2010 1:49:30 PM
Michael, 8 from Portland
If I was Huggie, it would be fun

7/18/2009 10:05:42 AM
Hannah, 11 from Milford, New Hampshire
One time I took a walk with my yellow Labrador Retriever, Tucker. However, it wasn't really a walk as he always tries to run ahead of me instead of ambling along nicely. It's very hard to take a simple stroll with him. Therefore, I decided-since it would be more fun, also-to just run with him. There's no use trying to saunter slowly along with that dog. My mother and sister were also on the walk with us, but they were way behind us, almost a whole street. As we ran, I could feel the air flying through my hair and I could see the wind whipping through Tucker's whiskers. It was a moist morning and the sun was just rising, displaying an iridescent array of colors. Chirping birds were aerial. As we pressed on through petite-sized puddles, my heart pounded wildly and I was breathing really fast, each breath become more and more short with each inhale and exhale. Finally, our adventure of a walk led us back to our house, and we were both very tired and thirsty. Tucker and I love going on walks together!

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